Mayeda Under Attack Since the Slaughterhouse Post

Seems Mayeda fired a volunteer who she thought took the photos on my earlier Mayeda's Slaughterhouse post. Seems she and the department have left the department for a bunker after the onslaught of community outrage and tons of protesting emails to supervisors.

It is astounding, but I am getting 200 visits a day now and a full 2/3 start with the Slaughterhouse post.

Below is an email sent to me originally sent to Mayeda and the Supervisors:

Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2007 13:58:01 -0800From: "Ryan Olshan"To: "Marcia Mayeda" <>, "Josie Zabala" <>, KKramer@animalcare.lacounty.govSubject: Suspended Carson volunteerCc: "Michelle Roache" <>, "Derek Brown" <>, "Danny Ubario" <>, "Cathy Nguyen" <>, "Bill Fujioka" <>,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


It has been brought to my attention that you suspended the volunteer status of a Carson volunteer this morning because you believe she took the pictures of the medication on the floor and medication cards where dosing of medications were missed.

This volunteer *did not* take those photos. I am hereby demanding that you reinstate her volunteer status. It is a great disservice to the animals of Carson to have her suspended.

It is very deceptive that you've now removed all medical cards from the cages at Carson to cover up your lack of properly treating animals. Josie Zabala stated, "all your concerns are being dealt with to the fullest," in regards to Carson's medical staffs failure to properly medicate animals.

If this is what dealt to the fullest means, then this is yet another indicator your department is in shambles. Michelle asked me to follow up this week as to the status of the investigation on Justin's neglect at Carson. I did on Monday and still haven't heard back. I'm sure his neglect was investigated as fully as the medication cover up.

The animal rescue community will be made aware of this and your department's continued abuse of the public trust.

Ryan Olshan


Anonymous said...

I emailed Don Knabe two days ago. His site says responses will be posted within two days.

From what you write I'm guessing he heard from many more people than just me.

No response to any of us yet.

Anonymous said...

Here is the link:

County Supervisor Don Knabe