County in an Uproar Following Posting of Carson and Lancaster Photos

County in an uproar over Carson photos shown on this blog. Mayeda has fired volunteers and is refusing rescue groups access to promised animals. Mayeda effectively is closing down the Carson and apparently the Lancaster shelters and not allowing outside access. Volunteer suspected of taking the photos has been banned.

Supervisor Knabe promises investigation and rectification. Of course you know what that means--ABSOLUTELY NOTHING despite my uncovering Mayeda's gross incompetence and giving that information to the Supervisors 3-1/2 months ago. One supervisor even told Mayeda that her bull crap response to my charges was a "Good letter."

I will report on this in depth later, but right now the Mason story is foremost because of the video televised yesterday as well as Philadelphia's challenge to Boks to make LAAS perform better.

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