All the Rest of the "Evidence" in the Mason Case Disappears!

All the rest of the evidence in the Mason case has disappeared, the City Attorney will not talk to him and Linda Ortega, one of the arresting officers cannot be reached and her supervisor has not returned Mason's calls. Is this a Kafka novel??

When Mason was busted all of his traps and cages were confiscated and they were not listed on the list of confiscated items sent to him by the police department. There were 15-20.

At first he was told by staff at West Valley that they were there and at South LA. They were not. Then he was told they were at East Valley, he went there and they were not. Then he was told they would be delivered to West Valley and they would be taken over to his house. Ron told them, "thanks but no thanks," and that he'd pick them up at West Valley. They were not there. This chase has gone another since October 11. Finally, yesterday Lt. Boswell informed Ron that they had no idea where his traps and cages were.

All the rest of the "evidence" has disappeared.

I already told you Deputy City Attorney Cocek, who will be prosecuting Mason's case has never returned Mason's phone calls. He went and talked to another Deputy City Attorney and told him that Linda Ortega, one of the arresting officers had never returned any of his phone calls. he was told then to ask for a supervisor. No supervisor would talk to him as they "were out of the office." Apparently none ever returned to the office because none ever returned his calls.

Since Mason is a suspect in a possible 597(B) charge, you'd think as least one of the investigating detectives would want to talk to him since he is eager to talk to them.

Now even the cages have disappeared. Perhaps Mason will now disappear so he can't talk to anyone else.

In any event, you get to watch the Mason bust at 2:00pm and 10:00 pm on City Channel 35. Maybe they will show Muffin being strangled or all the extremely unhealthy kittens. Remember, Boks said all of the kittens were killed because they were irremediably suffering. However, I saw with my own eyes kittens who appeared bright eyed when I was at his house a few days later and the Daily News photos show many apparently healthy cats and kittens.

In my mind the only criminals in this case are Boks, Boswell, Ortega, Cocek and maybe a few other raiders. I like Dr. Rao and will not consider him to be a criminal, but doubt that he found the kittens actually irremediably suffering.


Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised. They'll probably let him hang in limbo for a year. Then the statute of limitations will run out and there will be no fanfare. Our City really stinks.

Anonymous said...

Whenever evidence is taken, the person it is taken from is given a handwritten list on the scene with all things confiscated. Does Mason still have his list? If so then he has nothing to worry about, just show the list to the appropriate party, his attorney. This is standard procedure for seizures by every law enforcement agency. And it is not unusual for the District Attorney to refuse to talk with the suspect, they hardly ever do instead requesting the suspect to have their attorney make contact. And if the suspect does not have an attorney, the court can appoint one and then the appointed attorney will contact the DA. Mason should not contact the DA because anything he says to the DA can and will be used against him.

Ed Muzika said...

Mason was not given a handwritten list on site. It was mailed to him a few days later.

It did not include the traps or cages.

It did not include the number of cats, what they looked like and where they were located after mpound.

It did not list many of the veterinary documents confiscated.

In other words, he has nothing because they gave him nothing.

Anonymous said...

Are you going to defend the puppy mill racketeers busted in Bel Air because Boswell was involved?
Please don't defend the creeps that are flooding L.A. with puppy mill victims.

Anonymous said...

Re comment #4

I think Ed M. has shown that he can distinguish between something good done by LAAS (when that happens, and having read about this yesterday, it sounds as if this was mainly driven by the Humane Society) and when they do something bad, like steal personal property, lie to reporters, and prosecute guys who are trying to help stray cats.

Ed is generally more fair than LAAS deserves.