Open Letter to Marcia Mayeda

Ms. Mayeda,

For quite a while, I have been a critic of Ed Boks at LAAS. He uses numbers, spin and bragging to cover the failure of his department to save animals. He regularly brags about being number one in this or that on a monthly basis as you well know.

I am also
aware of the even more dismal failure of your department under your management. Your poor performance outshadows any poor performance by LAAS, any day, any year. In fact, your department has the worst performance of any large public shelter I am aware of, including Maricopa County, New York city and LAAS. You kill as many cats and dogs as LAAS even impounds.

You claimed in a County annual report
that you are adopting about 90% of "adoptable" animals. This claim is so out of touch with reality that rescuers laugh at you. You have failed to establish any substantive relationships with rescue groups which readily demonstrates your incompetence.

This chart shows your department's utter failure to save animals under your indifferent incompetence or to establish any significant working relationship with rescue organizations.

(Please click on the above image to see a larger picture. Only the two bottom bars count, as County and LAAS are the two large shelters.)

Your use of behavior testing is a face-saving fraud of someone too lazy or incompetent to do the job you are suposed to be doing. It allows you to kill animals freely, which makes your job easier. Impound-kill.

Then you found phony legal justification for the use of behavior testing that allows you, as is apparent in your numbers, to ignore rescue groups, saying you cannot even release those animals to rescues because they are dangerous. This does not explain how every other large system kills far fewer dogs and cats as a percentage, and most have far nore animals as a percentage released to rescue groups.

I plan to continually bring to light your outrageous and flagrant lying to the Supervisors and the public to make it appear that you making good progress towards saving lives.

Please keep watching this blog.


Anonymous said...

"You kill as many cats and dogs as LAAS even impounds".

That is amazing. How has the county system escaped public scrutiny and bad press? You never hear much about them in the papers or on TV.

Anonymous said...

ADL is so busy with the City that they never look at County. If the City is a "death camp," what is the County? Hell?

Anonymous said...

ADL has a correct strategy. Engage only one opponent at a time. Win there, use that victory, then move onto the next target--Mayeda or whoever.

In the meantime, Mayeda can grow concerned and actually do something to lessen the killing.

Thank you for letting me know there are worse systems right at our door.

Anonymous said...

The dog that died in the Carson shelter was featured on the news last week. Marcia's clear incompetence is coming to the surface and finally being taken seriously by the cities that contract with the county..they understand it is THEIR animals that are being abused and killed under Mayeda. Her days are numbered now.

Anonymous said...

She's a horrible person and her killing so many innocent animals proves it. Maybe instead of murdering her, someone can just cut off her arms and legs and gouge out her eyes and leave HER to rot in her own feces. I hope she dies.

Anonymous said...

I have lived all over the US and abroad and have volunteered at as many municipal-run shelters as time would allow, logging 1000s of hours. Why is that the critics with the most venomous editorials are the ones that either have no experience running a large municipal shelter, or are involved in small "no kill" organizations that pick and choose animals? Unless any of you are able to service several cities and house and shelter 10,000 animals at any given time, than you have no idea and no educated opinion on what it takes to run an operation of the scale that counties and cities must facilitate. Instead of wasting everyone's time with lawsuits, protests and other activities that drain precious little resources that these shelters have, why don't you people help the cause and help the animals? Here's an idea; instead of being antagonizers and impeding progress, how about being part of the solution and actually help the animals instead of grandstanding trying to push your personal agendas to stroke your own ego.? Volunteer at a municipal-run shelter and help the animals, otherwise you are just ignorant and perpetuating the problem.

Unknown said...

Her Killing spree has continued. 2 Sweet babies are dead that had rescue holds and training in place. Violated the Haydens Act.