Mason Cat Records Coming Soon

Ross Pool sent me a package of 270 pages regarding the official 57 cats impounded on October 9 and 11.

Apparently the Post Office screwed up as the package was misdirected and spent four days in San Bernadine, one day in Colton, two days downtown and one day in the City of Industry.

Soon it will be here.

Soon I can compare the impound records from the shelter with the the health and well being of the cats rescued from the shelter as well as those still there.

Come on guys. Help get these cats out.

Some of them had signs on their cages that they could not be handled.

Of the ten that have been rescued, placed or waiting to be placed, not one is feral.

After five months in small cages many have withdrawn Ron says, but those who have been taken away and placed in a calmer environment, have returned to their normal domesticated selves.

It appears that in their eagerness to bust Mason, Animal Services also impounded 4-5 of the neighbor's cats. Ron says they don't care, they'll just get new ones.

It appears Animal Services made no attempt to contact neighbors who maye have been looking for their cats either. Can you imagine busting a cat feeder and not expect neighborhood cats to be their also?

Imagine, the neighbors made no attempt to locate these cats.


Anonymous said...

Why do you find it amazing that the neighbors didn't try to get their cats? Just like you said, they can get more. This is one of the real problems that none of you are willing to face. Cats are in abundance, people don't even notice if their cat doesn't show up for days, they just get another one. They have no responsibility for the cat, don't have to get it vaccinated or microchipped, or licensed. At least dog owners have a law making them more responsible with the vaccinations and licensing, and it is a law that can be enforced. Cats are less and less valuable because they are not being addressed properly, therefore they are a dime a dozen and you can get one outside at the local liquor store any given weekend. As long as there is discrimination in the laws regarding dogs and cats, the cats are the losers because of the lack of laws. It is truly sad that the very things that can help the cats are the very things so many fight against.

Ed Muzika said...

Despite the laws regarding dogs, more dogs are impounded than cats at LAAS. Of course a higher number survive than do cats

I don't think the laws make any difference in changing peoples' viewpoints of dogs vs. cats.

Go to any bookstore. The section for dogs is 3-4 times as large as the section for cats. Go to any per store. The dog section is far larger than the cat section.

Ed Muzika said...

My concern is you are making things up to validate your point. I.e., you are lying.

I know directly about each of Mason's cats by direct communication with them.

The cats are well. I have seen several with my own eyes.

Yes, what you are saying is true in soem cases, but many of your premises are not, such as free cats to rescues and adopters, or the statement you heard they are being dumped.

Your personal experience in no way helps anyone of us out here to know how much this alleged dumping happens, if at all.

Both the rescuers and adopters had extensive communications with staff and vet performing spay/neuters afterwards that make dumping unlikely in these cases.

Do you have specific information that can be followed up on or this just coming out of nowhere?

Name names, shelters, and persons. You are writing anonymously, so it shouldn't backfire on you to disclose.

Anonymous said...

To commenter #3/#5,

Do you know what editing is?

Anonymous said...

Ed Muzika said"

"Do you have specific information that can be followed up on or this just coming out of nowhere?"

"Name names, shelters, and persons. You are writing anonymously, so it shouldn't backfire on you to disclose."

Can't do it. No names or persons, Mr. Muzika.

I will give you a reference where you can start, however:

You seem to like the Feral Cat Alliance, and you seem to appreciate what they do. You can start by getting your information from them.

FCA does quite a bit of feral and stray cat rescue and colony relocation from people's homes, from the shelters and from off the streets.

Try reading through the LA Trapper's website and the communication between the trappers throughout the years, and you will become very well informed.

I would ask Feral Cat Alliance whether they know anything, and whether they haven't relocated any cats from the shelters to be used as mousers, etc., or placed them with other cat colonies where people are feeding colonies of cats in their yards or on public lots, etc.

They know quite a number of people who take cats from people's homes and relocate them.

If you have any idea what happened to the 48 cats they rescued from the old disabled woman's home, then you might get some idea how they place their cats and their final outcome.

They also do their rescue work with the shelters in order to prevent the cats from being euthanized.

Some were taken to Griffith park at one time, and some were taken to Singita Animal Sactuary before they were closed down. Hundreds of others were taken to a sanctuary in Escondido where a solitary woman was caring for the place and needed help with the cleaning and couldn't keep up. Then there was a fire.

Try getting on LA Trappers and start by getting some of your information there.

I realize some of the information I am giving you makes you feel uncomfortable and you want specific names of people, so you think I am lying to you.

Not so. There's a lot to lose.

I'm glad many of Mason's cats are doing well. Thanks for keeping us posted on their progress.

I like Mr. Mason.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I have to step up here. On behalf of the rescue where I volunteer I took three of Ron's cats. I've posted here previously to discuss their health, sociability and adoptability.

The three cats I adopted/rescued are fine. In fact, they have the best quarters in the rescue now. They don't eat mice, they eat Wellness Indoor Cat, which (I know from personal experience) ain't cheap.

#3, I understand the pain and desperation you must feel when seeing abused or abandoned cats. But please don't put that on Ron Mason or his cats. They are house cats. They're docile, well-fed and happy to be together.

Some stories end okay. Not all, no doubt. But the fact is these three cats are fine, healthy and online for adoption.