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HSUS's own financial accounting:

The HSUS by the Numbers (2007 Year-End Totals)

Here are two links (part one and part two) for their 2007 Annual report:


10,571,955 Members and Constituents
1,020,000 HSUS Online Community Members
134,532 Humane Society International Online Members
438 Staff


$120,552,973 2007 Revenues
$112,827,228 2007 Expenses
$5,472,000 Amount Raised through Online Donations


2,400,000 Advocacy Actions by Online Members
14,201 Attendance at HSUS Training Courses and Workshops
$6,801,762 Grants to Animal Care Partner Programs
438 Grant Awardees
275 HSUS Action in Cruelty Cases
15 Completed Covert Investigations
24,078 Animals Receiving Direct Care from The HSUS
27,973 Media Hits
4,900,000 Unique Visits to
165 Videos Produced
1,336,000 Video Viewings on


Anonymous said...

Oh, God!

Anonymous said...

Kinda doesn't make good business or any kind of sense to tick off an organization that has that many people and that much money. I believe that this blog asked the question why we can't get organized. Rather than join forces with the powerful organization, ones chose to push them further away. Does that sound like the smart thing to do?

Ed Muzika said...

I get it. If they are rich, powerful and corrupt, we should embrace them. If they are poor, small of numbers, honest and care only for the animals--and they disagree with the rich, powerful and corrupt organization--we should reject them.

What kind of attitude is that? This is the Republican world view as expressed by Bush, when he addressed a group of moneymakers:

"I feel right at home, being with the rich and richer."