What on earth is going on at Pierce? Skinned cat, farm animal abuse and now torture, abuse and killing of lab animals.

What is wrong there? What are the ethics of those in charge, from low grade faculty like Crista Slattery, on up to Leland Shapiro and Dick South, on up to Dean Rupert? Is there no oversight by anyone at Pierce?

Mr. Boks, we need you to investigate all of the complaints of animal cruelty, neglect, mismanagement, illegal collusion between LAAS employees, obstruction of justice, etc., involving Pierce faculty, staff and LAAS and ACTF employees. This is a cesspool and you need to clean it up.

All these complaints of animal harm is happening on your watch now, about animals in Los Angeles on a state community college campus. Mr. Boks, you must mount a credible investigation and present the findings, not in months, but within days of this notice.

As I posted before, you make promises to Council to do studies, but you don't do them and people forget that you ever promised anything. Act now Mr. Boks. Investigate Pierce.

The four URLs below refer to various PETA posts and petitions.

Story #1

Prompted by a complaint from PETA, federal officials are investigating allegations that animals are being abused and killed in Pierce College's veterinary technology program—in violation of federal animal welfare regulations—by an instructor and her students. According to a student who blew the whistle on the abuse, faculty member Christa Slattery, who is also an animal resources supervisor in the Division of Laboratory Animal Medicine at the University of California Los Angeles, is operating a classroom laboratory without adhering to legally required guidelines for the treatment of animals. This has apparently caused unnecessary suffering and death.

The following are just some of the alleged abuses:

Slattery seems unqualified to show veterinary technician procedures on animals. She used just one rabbit to teach all the students in a class to withdraw blood.

The rabbit's ears were stuck with a needle 12 times in a single blood-collection session, far exceeding the commonly accepted maximum of four punctures.

Slattery permitted an untrained student to attempt to trim a rat's teeth, which resulted in a severe laceration and profuse bleeding from the rat's tongue.

Slattery forced a large mouse into a restraint tube and even suggested that the tube was too small. The severely restrained animal died within minutes. When students complained, Slattery reportedly told them, "I'd appreciate it if you guys are discreet."
Given no direction, a student who attempted to restrain a mouse in a piece of cloth wrapped the mouse so tightly that the animal suffered a seizure.

Christa Slattery's dismissive attitude toward animals' pain and distress, her apparent failure to provide adequate instruction to and careful supervision of students who attempt to perform procedures on animals, and her overall incompetence leave animals vulnerable to neglect, mistreatment, and abuse.

PETA is calling on Pierce College to fully investigate these claims and should they prove true to fire Christa Slattery and implement guidelines to ensure that animals do not continue to suffer.

Story #2

Abuse, Suffering, and Death in Pierce College Classrooms

OK, here's the thing: You don't have to be a rocket scientist to understand the handful of regulations that govern the treatment of animals in laboratories.

What's required of folks who use animals in laboratories is so embarrassingly obvious—animals who are sick or injured need veterinary care, animals who are too ill to be treated should be euthanized, dogs should be exercised, cages should be cleaned, and so on. And yet, vivisectors in labs across the country violate federal law every single day.

Take this situation at Pierce College: A whistleblower has informed PETA that animals are being abused and killed in classroom laboratories by an instructor (Christa Slattery) and her students, in apparent violation of federal animal welfare regulations.

The whistleblower told us that Slattery operates her classes like a "free for all," allowing students to poke, prod, bleed, and inject animals with minimum guidance or instruction. And reportedly, when Slattery gets to the animals, it seems that she barely knows what she's doing!

The whistleblower told PETA that Slattery tried to push a large mouse into a small tube to restrain the mouse; she wondered whether the tube was too small but just shrugged her shoulders and continued to force the mouse into the tube. Minutes later, the mouse was dead.

Here's what the whistleblower had to say about the matter:

Ms. Slattery's failure to provide detailed guidance in the form of thorough instruction, science-based guidelines, and careful supervision deprives the students in her class of an opportunity to receive adequate training in animal care procedures and leaves the animals used in demonstrations open to neglect, mistreatment, and abuse.

And here's what PETA's director of laboratory investigations told the media today:

Pierce College's veterinary technician program appears to be teaching students that animals' lives don't matter. Slattery's laboratory is apparently in violation of a host of federal regulations, and we're urging the USDA to investigate and force Pierce to comply with animal protection regulations.

Posted by Grace Freidan, Researcher


Anonymous said...

F#n$g Bitch!

The person who performed these heinous crimes needs the same exact thing done to her, including lacerating her fucking tounge in the same way she did it to the poor animal she tortured.

Anonymous said...

" Slattery tried to push a large mouse into a small tube to restrain the mouse; she wondered whether the tube was too small but just shrugged her shoulders and continued to force the mouse into the tube. Minutes later, the mouse was dead."

Any way to make this Slaterry Slut pay for what she did?

Anyone out there want to volunteer to practice a pnuemothorax on Slaterry Slut by forcing a feeding tube down her lungs and tearing them to shreds until she's dead and gone?

Perhaps the mouse and the slut can be cremated and buried together.

Why is she taking money for torturing creatures by the way? Isn't that illegal?


Anonymous said...

This is so disturbing!

Anonymous said...

That's nothing compared to what they're going to do to the student they randomly choose to be their whistleblowing scapegoat. I've seen it happen. It's why all of these posts confirming the abuse at Pierce are anonymous. The only thing they care about is identifying the source of the leak and destroying it. Not a good plan.

Anonymous said...

>>>Perhaps the mouse and the slut can be cremated and buried together.<<<

Impossible. The evidence was destroyed the day it happened. She was white with little pink feet. Except when she was suffocated. Then her feet were blue with the whole lack of oxygen thing.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! PETA (People Eating Tasty Animals) is investigating. Now there really must be a problem. Get a life humaneiacs. If it wasn't for schools like Pierce and their training programs, your smelly, grimy cats would have been dead long ago.


Anonymous said...

>>>your smelly, grimy cats would have been dead long ago.


Awesome LA ACO! Just awesome! There is no better way than to show the rest of the world who LAAS really is than through the words of one of their own employees. This stuff is great. Please keep it coming.

Anonymous said...

Commentator #6 said:

"your smelly, grimy cats would have been dead long ago."

You couldn't possibly be an ACO with this attitude, my dear.

ACO's don't talk like this.

Besides, how do you know my cats are dirty and slimy? Ever been to my house?

You are soooooo very wrong, my dear. So, so, very, very wrong.

Not right for you to say such things if you really have no idea.

You're not an ACO at all. The ACO's I know LOVE cats and they love all the animals in their care.

They also don't disrespect them.

You are just someone trying to make ACO's look really bad with that rotten attitude of a response you gave--especially the commentary about the cats.

You gave yourself away, my dear.

A Muslim "friend" of mine said the same thing about PETA when I asked him how he feels about the inhumane slaughter of little lambs at the Haj in order to take away human sin:

This from a professor of Islamic studies:

" PETA (People Eating Tasty Animals)."

Really God-like response...made in His own image.


The above response I believe coming from a Muslim. Not an ACO.

Not a real one anyway.

You're not an ACO at all darlin'. Islamic, maybe, but not an ACO.

Go back to your country and leave the cat work to the caretakers and the defense of farm animals to those who don't like to see them slowly tortured to death.

When you are forced to undergo the same thing, you will understand.

Until then, you need to find Dorothy and ask her to lead you down the yellow brick road.

When you reach the end of the road, stop and turn left.

Knock on the door and ask the Guy who lives there to give you a Heart.


You are NOT an ACO and I'm not Dorothy.

(An idiot, yes. An officer in defense of Animals? Not a chance).

A real Muslim wouldn't do the kind of crap they do at the Haj and they would never use the suffering of animals as the
BUTT of a joke.

You have no conscience and have nothing but disrespect toward all living things.

Le pobre.

(Better quit while I'm ahead. This person might be a serial killer for all I know...)

Down Boy! Someone needs to go to behavior modification.

They do offer classes at the shelter, you know...

Who knows, ya might 'a larn somethin'!

Anonymous said...

If Slattery is an ignorant sadist, then say she is an ignorant sadist. If (as is certainly the case if these allegations are true) she is a criminal, then say she's a crimnal.

Those are sufficiently bad things to be.

But please stop with the "slut" garbage. Her lack of conscience is the issue, and that has nothing to do with her gender.

Anonymous said...

Wow! She called me a muslim. I do like lamb though.


Anonymous said...

"But please stop with the "slut" garbage. Her lack of conscience is the issue, and that has nothing to do with her gender."

But Slattery rhymes with Slut.

What is "garbage" is that she is selling her soul for profit:

Making money in exchange for causing unnecessary suffering, unconscionably torturing helpless little innocent sentient creatures.

Then the innocent go directly into the trash, probably still breathing and barely alive. No humane euthanasia there for that mouse.

THAT is garbage.

HUMAN garbage.

That woman is a disgrace to her gender if the allegations prove to be true.

If the allegations are true, then it is true that she is trashing her soul while she "trashes" the innocent.

If you want to make the "S" word sound a little better, exchange it for another:

Lets try, Human Garbage.

We can put an accent at the end of the word and say it en francaise if it makes us feel better "garb-age."

...Get over it Mary. The woman sold herself to the devil IF she is really doing this crap to those little guys.

That lab may as well be the center of a cultic ritual performed for pay as well as academic credit.
as well be a cultic ritual in that lab.

Why aren't they using anesthesia during the "procedures?"

Either too cheap, or the staff has become desensitized and immune to the underserved suffering that is being perpetrated on those more helpless than themselves.

They like to watch it because they can no longer feel anything.

Get it?

The "S" word.

If you torture, you get money or "credit" in exchange.

A reward system.

Torturing the innocent is an ongoing profession here.

"Veterinary technical training" is a euphamism for TORTURE CHAMBER if in fact the atrocities we are reading about in this blog are true.

Apparently, there is money to be made if you sell out and are willing to perform sadistic acts of torture at no cost to you, except for your soul.

Is that what this college is teaching their kids?

That it's ok to sell your soul problem if you hurt, mame, torture and kill someone because they're garbage anyway and they're going into the trash at the end of the day?

THAT is selling out.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a few disgruntled Pierce students. I thought Slattery was great personally...