Did Shapiro Stop Harassment?

After I emailed my open letter to Dr. Shapiro to a dozen or so Pierce faculty, the harassing comments demanding I leave alone pursuing the connection between Pierce and Carolina biological have stopped.

Neither Carolina nor Shapiro have followed up with further information about where Carolina gets the cats for dissection. Since there has been no response, I assume nothing has changed and Carolina us still getting many of its cats from Mexico where they are picked up off the street.

Shapiro does not see this as a moral or ethical issue. He sees anyone involved in the animal rights movement as "hollow" and empty. I just don't get this perspective. If he perceives a love and desire to protect animals as moral shallowness, that speaks volumes about where he comes from.

I sent a copy of my letter to ADL, one of whom responded "He sounds like he is on crack."

My next step is to get my letter to Pierce's students. I wonder if they will be hollow and empty too after seeing dissected cat photos and hearing the "truth" (or at least unrebutted allegations about Shapiro, Carolina and Pierce).

Shapiro has written an "ethics" book justifying the use of animals for dissection, research and even addiction studies. I wonder if he understands the difference between ethics and morality.

The photo immediately above may have been taken just days before he dissected the cute monkeys. The photo was probably taken for the Pierce website so that he appears compassionate about animals.

What a fraud.


that'swhenIreachformyrevolver said...

He LOOKS like he is smoking crack. Anyone who earns his livelihood from the suffering of other living beings would have to be under the influence of a mind altering substance in order to sleep at night. Or, perhaps he is simply amoral, a state of mind that seems endemic these days. It is ironic and terrifying that he teaches "ethics" courses. I pity his students.

After WPSA's investigation in the
1990's, Mexico passed legislation designed to prevent US biological supply companies from contracting with Mexicans to round up and kill cats for export to the US. It probably still happens, but the US companies such as Carolina BS most likely get their animals from shelters in the South and Midwest, where pound seizure is still alive and well in many counties.

Companies that sell animals for research are a notoriously unscrupulous lot. Not only is the source of animals a concern, but the poor treatment of animals while in the care of these souless entities (as well as the facilities that breed animals for research) is
well-documented by the USDA. Reading USDA inspection reports from research animal dealer facilities can give anyone with even an once of empathy nightmares for weeks.

Ed Muzika said...

Dear Revolver,

Please help. I can us eall the info I get to pursue these crimninals.

email me at edwardmuzika@sbcglobal.net using a new anonymous email address or send as a comment.

Ed Muzika said...

Anyone who sends info on Pierce/Shapiro anonymously in comments, let me know whether I can post it or not as a comment.

It is not easy for me to do "homework" because all of my contacts and tipsters have been with activists associated with various animal services and not in education or private enterprises such as Carolina. That is the "job" of other groups.

This is still my primary "job."

Shapiro sounds like a real nutcase and others think that way too.

Anyone who wants to communicate directly, I have set up a dummy email account. Just state your interest in a comment and I will post the email log in and password that you can use, or set up an account youtself.

I need your help on this one.

Ed Muzika said...

Contatc me directly at edwardmuzika@sbcglobal.net if you want.

Ed Muzika said...

I need more information, photos, quotes, the animal farm watch, the emptiness of the alleged hands on claims, any neglect or abuse of the farm animals, seeling farm animals for slaughter, does he dissect other animals than cats, class notes from Shapiro's classes, salaries, etc.