Boks Says Muzika Kills

Boks and Bickhart are continuing to say about critics as they did last year: ADL and other critics are killing the animals through their criticism. I latched onto that litany myself a year ago and attacked Ed's critics.

But I cannot understand how criticism hurts the department's (Ed's) ability to place animals. As a matter of fact, LAAS showed NO IMPROVEMENT in percentages or number of animals killed or saved until a few of us began to attack Ed's lousy performance as opposed to attacking his faulted character.

April, May and June numbers are better this year, but as I stated in the previous post, this is best explained by LAAS doing less and turning animals away.

I challenge Ed and Jim to tell me, the retired other blogger, Brad Jensen, Mike Bell, Dan Guss and a few others, how our criticism is killing animals and how everything would work out much better if we just smiled, patted Ed on the back, and said good job.
Couldn't Bush say the same thing (Oh, I forgot, he is), that it is criticism of his policies that is aiding the terrorists and killing our troops?

Can Ed blame Guss for LAAS not getting vets because Guss complains about not getting vets? Is Boks going to get more vets because no one complains about having enough vets. Does this mean if you don't hear about a problem it will fix itself in LAAS?

Ed and Jim, and the other Jim, quit blaming others for your inability to make LAAS work.


Anonymous said...

ADL and others attacked Stuckey and Greenwalt more than Boks, yet they all improved. Boks was attacked less and did not improve. ADL graffiti'd Greenwalt's house. They sent a smoke bomb to Stuckey. They still improved. Boks has no excuse, just weak rationalizations.

Anonymous said...

HA! Boks made the statement last year in his article "Catching Up to Reality"...

"It should be noted that the smallest improvement years, as significant as they were, were while the ADL was most vehement in their attacks against LAAS. What could have been achieved with greater cooperation?"

And of course my thoughts back then (and I think they still hold true) were:

Those two years (2003 and 2005) with the smallest improvements in reducing dog and cat euthanasia... was this really because ADL attacks against LAAS had increased (as what Boks implies) or did ADL attacks against LAAS increase because little or no improvements had been seen during those two years?

Anonymous said...

Actually, there was more improvement in those two years than in 2006 when Boks started here. Boks has been attacked less than his predecessors. If you want to fool with causality, maybe ADL lighting a fire under Greenwalt and Stuckey's collective asses CAUSED them to improve. Maybe they should be thanking Pam for "encouraging" them to improve.

If Boks can talk out of his ass, so can I

Jeff de la Rosa said...

Statements like "Muzika Kills" are akin...or inbred...if you prefer, to our President's messages about how being "against the War" means your for the terrorists. Over the last several weeks, I've noticed so many similarities between Mr. Boks and Mr. Bush that it upsets the stomach.

Criticize the Party Line and you are on the wrong side of the cause, right? I think you'll find Bush books on the shelf at the Boks house.