According to newly posted Commission minutes for October 9, "The Department has had conversations with the producers of the television show “Animal Precinct,”
about putting together a five-show pilot featuring Los Angeles Animal Services."

This announcement was made two days before the Mason raid.


Anonymous said...

That is too much of a coincidence. I remember all the people who said the two things had nothing to do with each other. Boks' GM reports have to do with what happened between one meeting and the next. That means they spoke to Animal Planet within two weeks of the October 9 meeting. I believe the Animal Planet communication is what got them to raid and FILM Mason's bust.

Anonymous said...

Not a chance. You guys have never heard the old proverb, "I used to believe in conspiracies until I discovered incompetence."

Get your heads out of your anal canals and use your brains for once.
If anything, the problems with the Mason raid will make it harder to get Animal Planet to do a show on L.A.

Ed Muzika said...

Regarding commenter # 2.

I am alleging that Boks had been talking to Animal Precinct for weeks or months and that the Mason raid was probably planned for weeks before it happened and weeks after negotiations with animal planet/animal precint began.

I'll bet the Mason raid was directly tied into the Animal Precinct show, either as an audition tape, or part of one of the five episodes that will be showed.

I do think it was stupid of Boks to bring this up at a Commission meeting two days before the bust, but...

Anonymous said...

The problem with Boks is he's a lying sociopath with delusions of glory. The saving grace is, he's bad at it. He smiled at one person one time and got over on them, and now he thinks he can do it with everybody. Think about Pit Bull Academy. He thought he could waltz in with everything settled and everyone would just be blinded by his charisma and lay down for him. But he forgets two facts, historically and to this day: one, that he has to confront others with equally self-serving agendas; and two, that there are in fact people who genuinely care what happens to animals. For obvious reasons this fact eludes him again and again. In the case of Pit Bull Academy it was too bad that a lot of animal lovers lost promised jobs because of his arrogance and incompetence, but he never actually cared about them or the dogs. He just wanted the appearance of being a creative, progressive GM, without actually having to BE one.

Of course Mason was meant to be an audition. Boks just forgot the back end, which is at least to appear to be competent and legally justified (and after Dr. Hockman, Mason's vet, sold him out for a new job with LAAS, Boks clearly hoped no one else would stand up for Ron either. Good thing Ed M. proved him wrong, big-time).

Boks always forgets that his title only blinds some of the people some of the time. And unlike City of L.A., I'm guessing Animal Planet actually does their research, and has some sense of legal culpability.