Sick Dog Frozen to Death In County Shelter

I promised to lay off Mayeda until Boks is gone and a new GM is in. However, I received an email about a 10 month old puppy who died in an unheated kennel at the Carson "shelter," along with an urgent plea for blankets for the freezing dogs. Also, I wanted people to understand Mayeda must not become Boks replacement, as she was considered to be a replacement for Stuckey for a while.


Please see the photos below and help the animals sitting at all six LA County shelters. I have tried to work with the director of LACACC and have contacted the Board of Supervisors along with the office of the CEO regarding the conditions at the LA County shelters for many months to no avail. I have been given nothing consistent nor substantial in terms of changes. All the changes that have been promised have not been implemented, the few that has aren't consistent.
I have come to the conclusion that no one in administration at the LACACC department cares and director Mayeda is still quite effective at projecting the false image that she is a competent leader of the department to the Board of Supervisors.

Director Mayeda stated in an email dated 10/12/07 to me that the office of the CEO gave her department a budget of $5 million this year to make improvements to the shelters. No one has been able to give me any answer as to why there are no improvement made. Providing heat during the cold winter months IS part of the basic care and SHOULD be given but it has not come about.
A member of\n the public and resident of LA County called the office of Yvonne Burke on 11/30/07 asking for heaters to be placed in the kennels at the Carson shelter - this person was told that she is welcomed to bring any heaters but the county will not be paying for it. Again - what happened to the $5 million dollars given by the office of the CEO?

I received a distressed phone call regarding the dog you see below yesterday evening. I drove up to Carson this morning with the hope that I can get her out and bring her to our vet for emergency care. I found her dead on the outside part of the kennel. No blanket, no heat. I have attached the photo of her laying dead in the kennel with this email so you can see what one month and 3 days being in the LA County shelter (Carson) does to a healthy, young animal. She was just 10 months old.

Dog In:

Dog After "Treatment" and Boarding:

I cannot sit quiet and do nothing about this. I hope that after reading this email\n below and seeing the photos of the dog - you will be just as outraged at the way in which LA County ACC treats homeless animals. I hope you will help me exact accountability AND responsibility from the LACACC department. The public needs to know how their tax dollars are being put to work (or NOT at all).
Please, help me bring about changes for the LA County Shelter animals by demanding that the people put in the positions to run the department be accountable and responsible for what they are NOT doing. I hold Marcia Mayeda and her administration solely accountable and responsible for this dog's death.
Thank you,
Cathy Nguyen


Jeff de la Rosa said...

This is heinousand must be dealt with the only way they notice. LOUDLY AND IN a march on Mayeda about this felony animal cruelty and endangerment.

But Ed, I thought you were just a cat advocate. Still waiting for your take on Stu.

Anonymous said...

I am haunted by this.

Anonymous said...

so is this who i start contacting to end this ??

Marcia Mayeda, Director

Judy Meraz, Chief Deputy Director

Janet Yarbrough, Deputy Director-Administration

Michelle Roache, Deputy Director-Outreach and Enforcement

Shelli Weekes, Human Resources Manager

Ken Kramer, Director of Volunteer Programs

Mayor of City of Carson: JIM DEAR
Phone: (310)952-1700 Ext.1000

Supervisor YVONNE B. BURKE
Office:200 W. Compton Boulevard, Compton, CA 90220
(310) 603-7194, Fax (310) 632-4647

Anonymous said...

tHIS MAKES ME SO SAD,weve gotta do something about this.unbelievable and unacceptable

Anonymous said...

Judging from the bottom picture it doesn't look like the taxpayer's
money is going towards food either.
Certainly not enough food to make up for the energy expended in an attempt to stay warm.

Anonymous said...

This is outrageous. This is criminal. This should be on the 6 o clock news. This is murder. What the hell is wrong with the Mayor? Has he seen these? He has no morality. I hope he is charged with supporting animal cruelty. He is no leader of anything but his own self interest.

Anonymous said...

The animal shelters in LA are in violation of many laws regarding the humane treatment of animals in shelters. There must be someone in an organization who can help. What about Best Friends? How can they stand by and watch this kind of stuff. There must be someone in the legal system outside of LA who can help. Contacting the powers that be seems pointless. There must be some one with money who would willingly hire a lawyer who can prove that LAS is in violation of the law. What about all the animal loving philanthropists? These stories need to be sent to someone with money who is ethical.

Anonymous said...

"this person was told that she is welcomed to bring any heaters but the county will not be paying for it. Again - what happened to the $5 million dollars given by the office of the CEO?"

What a corrupt bunch of A holes. They can't even find enough money to keep the animals warm. Honestly if it wasn't so serious it is laughable.
What a beautiful dog. How sorry I am for the dog.

Anonymous said...

As someone who has worked in what I consider a very poorly run and managed animal shelter in my state of NY, I can honestly say that is the most horrific set of pictures I have ever seen. The shelter I worked for was not (as mentioned above) run well AT ALL, yet the dogs all had beds to get up off the concrete, had HEAT, and for God's sake they all had FOOD AND WATER! They should all be thrown in PRISON for animal CRUELTY!! Here's a ?, why don't you all CALL A NEWS STATION AND REPORT IT!! MAKE THEM ANSWER FOR THIS! DON'T YOU HAVE A PHONE # FOR THE PRESS? THIS IS RIDICULOUS!

Anonymous said...

Luckily the media did pick it up, but it should be everywhere. I didn't see it anywhere else but here, and I emailed the story to all the local channels.

Anonymous said...

This dog had been the shelter awaiting a "rescuer" who left it there for almost a month. This "rescuer" had been to the shelter just a day or so before to take out a little cute fluffy dog and asked the shelter to continue a hold. Had this "rescuer" taken the dog like she should have it would still be alive. And by the way the Carson shelter does provide heat contrary to all that is being said. Get your facts straight before making accusations. The shelter tried to save this dog by holding it longer than the law requires to give the "rescuer" a chance to get it out, instead the "rescuer" chose to take other more adoptable animals out first. She is more to blame than the Carson shelter and is probably the one to be yelling the loudest. Shelters are not to be used as a private kennel because it means others have to die for a "rescuer's" convenience. This seems to be the case here.

Ed Muzika said...

The commenter above blamed a "rescuer" for Zephur's death.

Let me remind this individual that County "rescued" 75,800 cats and dogs in 2005 and killed 46,600.

How is that for "rescuing?"

Another County person said the heating water was 250 degrees, which is a typical bureaucratic response, but did not mention what the temperature was in Zephur's kennel. I presume it was not 250 degrees.

These are two very different measurements, but are the kind of answers Supervisors like to hear.

Anonymous said...

I think it is proof how uneducated some of the animal activists are and why some of them don't get the attention they crave. And why it should be easy for the ADL to get them involved.

Ed - you write a post and it's entitled "Sick Dog Frozen to Death in County Shelter".

Then one of your commenters says, "What is wrong with the Mayor?"

Well tell him/her to call his/her COUNTY SUPERVISOR and ask them. Why would you be asking the Mayor about the County?

Anonymous said...

There is a full court press to rid us of Mayeda, my suggestion is to NOT lay off her now..let's get rid of one and move on to Boks next. There is attention being paid to Mayeda is the time to open the flood gates.