Just when you think things are getting better at Animal Services compared to the County Slaughterhoues, we find the same thing happening at Boks' North Central shelter. Look at the photos and the commentary by the photographer.

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Please share the frustration my friend and I felt as we had to witness the shivering, totally wet puppies at North Central the day it was raining. The "inside" area that supposedly is "heated" was also completely soaking wet. There was no blanket or raised area for the puppies. ALL the dogs except the few cages on the "walk wall" side were soaking wet and utterly miserable.

This is not a weather problem, this is a personnel problem. and it starts at the top with Ed Boks. No dog in the LAAS system should be cold or wet and we should not stand for it.

If you haven't already, please call Mr. Boks [head of the L.A. animal shelters system] and email the Commissioners to rectify this problem immediately. Blankets may be a temporary fix , but it seems that in Carson [where a dog named Zephyr died in the cold], they couldn't be bothered to keep the blankets dry or even distribute them to the kennels.

Boks' email:
We desperately need a state agency to investigate animalcruelty and neglect both at LA County Animal Care and Control as well as at LA Animal Services.



Anonymous said...

The outside runs at North Central have no drains. When rain is imminent, all those animals should be moved indoors.

I guess the employees have to manualy scoop out the water when the rain stops.

Those outside runs were not well planned. They are too hot in summer and you see what happens when it rains.

Anonymous said...

I just had an email from a friend who visited the brand new West Valley Shelter on Thursday. She was appalled that there were puppies and young dogs outside, shivering in the cold, on the cement, with no blankets to be seen. This is pretty dispicable!

Ed Muzika said...

Please. Everyone who visits any City or County shelter for any reason, take a digital camera and take photos. I will post them.Since photos were posted the number of people visiting this blog has doubled and trippled.

Anonymous said...

Linda Gordon told people at the Ed Boks meet and green that the kennel floors would be heated. I've gone to the shelters when it's cold. I've touched the floors. They were cold. Did they forget to turn it on or did they never install them? I read in the bond report that they were going to put in solar power but ran out of time and money so they didn't. Gordon used to talk about all these amazing things that were going to be in the shelter but they aren't.

They need raised beds and blankets, and some form of heat, protection from the weather.

Anonymous said...

I visted the West Valley Shelter last weekend. They spent millions of dollars to build this shelter. The puppies and small dogs were in the center of this building, but the center is outside. Not only was it cold that weekend, but the wind tunnel was so breezy. So even if they say the floor is heated there is the wind tunnel. Now I complained and I was told by an employee that the puppies was the showcase of the shelter. That is pretty bad. I think Mr. Ed Boks should take a visit to this shelter. Something must be done.I was also told that the washer they have to clean the blankets has not been installed. They have been told they have no funds to do this. How about getting some big company to volunteer and do it and give the company publicity.
AN angry pet rescue owner.

Only a few cages had blankets.Disgusting