Take Cameras to County and City Shelters

It's raining and soon will get cold after the cold front passes through. Those who have the time and inclination, please take cameras to the shelters to see if the dogs are kept warm and dry.

Email me any telling photos, one way or another. Another thing would be to bring a thermometer, check temperatures and photograph thermometers next to or near a kennel for examples of poor temperature maintenance.

Photograph anyone denying access to the kennels. Many still digital cameras can take rudimentary videos.


Anonymous said...

If you're an employee, volunteer, rescue partner, don't be obvious with the camera or you'll be accused of being a "terrorist" and fired. You may even be attacked by the employees. While it is our right to photograph public places such as public shelters, you can still be attacked.

Anonymous said...

They actually attack people? How do they not get arrested?

Anonymous said...

They keyed Mary Catalano's car, locked a New Hope partner in the shelter against her will, dragged a volunteer into a stairwell and threatened her, physically took a camera out of the hands of a rescuer shooting public areas of the shelter, filed a false police report against a rescuer saying she "stole" animals, filed another report saying a different rescuer "stole" bunny food.

It's a war zone in there. The volunteer report doesn't go into the half of it. Lack of respect of volunteers is the least of their concerns. Employees routinely report volunteers for being "terrorists," "members of ADL," "spies for ADL," they demand that they be fired, send in false reports to put in their volunteer folder.

They don't get arrested because they lie. Who is the police going to believe? A city employee or a private rescuer? The employees get their buddies to lie for them. Remember the Rampart scandal in the LAPD? LAAS is no different. They do whatever they want.

Anonymous said...

When is this happening? After hours? In front of the public? Every time I've been in a shelter the employees seem barely to be paying attention to anything.

Anonymous said...

boks = death,

Some of this happens after hours, sometimes during commission meetings, sometimes in the back areas of the shelter or parking lot. New Hope and other rescuers can show up 24/7 to pick up an animal. I no longer go there after hours to pick up animals for very good reasons.