No wonder Boks and the LAPD are hiding all impound records for Mason's cats. No wonder they did not leave a list of cats impounded. No wonder why they did not have a Postseizure Hearing. No wonder they have refused Public Records Requests about the location and disposition of the seized cats.

From an email sent to me:

Cocek stood up to Boks and refused to file criminal charges.

This is what Ed Boks is hiding from everyone:The first 6 cats the LAPD took were not sick at all, but they killed them anyway.They took 52 cats from Mason's house; 40 went to the West Valley shelter - 25 were killed. 12 went to the South LA shelter - 3 escaped out a window and no one knows where they are.

The LAPD is also hiding from everyone is that the Animal Services veterinarian who went to Ron's house the day of the raid (October 11), told the LAPD that the first six cats were not sick after all. LAPD went ahead and took the cats anyway because they wanted to show off for the City TV (Animal Planet Audition tape) film crew. They wanted to get on TV.

Ron was set up.No wonder no one trusts the police or Boks.

This email information certainly sounds true, or at least like something Boks would do for headlines. It would explain why Boks has hidden all the animals from Mason and the public, as well as the impound records and all of Mason's veterinary treatment records, as well as the Orders to Comply that were signed off on by Mason's former veterinarian who now works for Animal Services.

If this is true, it calls into question EVERY OTHER ACTF and LAAS bust and conviction


Anonymous said...

If they messed up this bust which they filmed and Boks did his "fact vs rumor" report, I bet they made mistakes in their previous busts. Imagine, killing kittens and embarrassing a guy on television just to get some good video.

Anonymous said...

It's more than embarrassing Ron, it's both slandering AND libeling him, since it's both television and in print on LAAS' site, the Daily News site, and dailynews.com, with knowingly false statements provided by LAAS and LAPD.

It's also malicious prosecution and false arrest.

It's also, ironically enough, felony animal abuse.

Anonymous said...

If you could explain your theory, I'd appreciate it. Since there are MANY hoarders in Los Angeles where there are sick/injured animals living in horrid conditions, why was Ron targeted for TV? Why wouldn't they go into an actual hoarder and film that if it was the goal to get something good on film?

Anonymous said...


Lord knows what those that escaped are going through, but they sure were the lucky ones.


Ed Muzika said...

Commnet above:

The theory is that LAAS has known about Mason for over two years. They have visited his property many times. He established a relationship with Lt. Boswell.

Boks and ACTF needed a pilot for Animal Planet.

They knew Ron had no money to fight the bust.

They refused to help him for 9 weeks before the bust when he asked Boswell to take the kittens.

His vet, Hockman, apparently gave Animal Services all of Mason's vet records, which have now disappeared, so he cannot show how well he was taking care of the cats, and a week later she was working for Ed Boks as a vet.

Therefore Mason was a perfect target.

This is my theory.

Anonymous said...

Commenter #3,

Yes, there are many "hoaders" in LA. There are many hoarders disguised as rescuers. There are many people with over three cats or dogs. There are many people who abuse and neglect their animals.

Why did they choose Mason? Because he had been asking the Department for help. HE contacted the Department and said he had too many cats. They went and saw the clutter and said "bingo!" This'll look great on film, a guy with a white mohawk with a cluttered house and lots of cats.

They chose Mason because he made good TV. He's a nice guy who let the camera team in his house. Anyone else would have been yelling brutality, false arrest, lawsuit, would not have allowed the camera crews in there. They knew Mason was a stooge, sad to say.

Anonymous said...

It's almost funny to call it a theory, or would be if it hadn't caused so much pain and death.

When you watch the video, even if you didn't know the whole backstory, it's such a sharp disconnect to see Boswell talking about how it's a case of "good intentions gone awry" and how LAAS has been working with Ron for years, and then he cheerfully announces for the camera, "We're charging him with felony animal neglect."

The cognitive dissonance is astonishing. If Ron is such a severe animal abuser, why would Boswell have such a longterm, seemingly almost amicable relationship with him? And how can good intentions translate suddenly into felony abuse? If he was a felony abuser, why didn't they stop him earlier, if they knew exactly where and who he was?

It's so obvious a lie I can't believe no one looked at the tape and said, "This is completely un-credible. We can't air this."

Plus, an ACTUAL hoarder might have been scary and dangerous for Troy...

Anonymous said...

I think you left out the part where Boswell says something like cats are attracted to Ron's place because he has everything they need. Food, water and shelter. And so Ron was deemed guilty of animal neglect by the Department because neighborhood cats are attracted to his place? Hmmm...

Brad Jensen
Cypress, CA

Ed Muzika said...


It is not simple animal neglect, but felony animal negelct. I wonder if Mason's cats had a higher survival rate than Animal Services' 54%?

Anonymous said...

The problem with hoarders is they almost ALWAYS have good intentions. Having testified as an expert in many hoarding cases, often an arrest and seizing the animals is the only way to stop the cycle. If this man had asked for assistance from a/c and wanted to lessen his number, definitely a/c should have worked with him. There are incidents around the country where a/c has worked with the person to help them first. It doesn't mean they also aren't charged..but not by a bust in and handcuff sort of way.

A/C can not act as a villian with the community or things will never turn around. The public will not adopt animals from an orgainzation they view as "the enemy" it's all part of the big picture that just isn't being seen here.

Anonymous said...


Yes, and let's compare their survival rate before they went to LAAS and after.

Makes you want to throw up at the notion of LAAS "rescuing" ANY animal.

They'd have a better chance with Michael Vick.