Great Visit at West Valley

I have gone to the West Valley shelter several times; each was a pleasant experience. Though I beat up on Boks now and again, West Valley is a nice place--at least so it appeared.

Today I went there with an adopter who reads this blog, and who took out two of Mason's cats. Cali had been adopted by the public a few days before. There are only two left in the shelter! You guys have done well. Best Friends is trying to find a couple of other locals to adopt the last two.

Today was my most pleasant surprise: the shelter was packed with adopters and volunteers, and mostly in the cat section. I was there three hours. The only drawback was the ogre at the front desk who liked to order the public around and took an unnecessarily long time to do anything.
The cats were flying out the doors.

In those three hours I saw maybe 70 adopters and another 20 or more volunteers. Of course there were also the owner turn-ins with smiling faces as if they were dropping off their animals at a pet resort.

West Valley is a physically marvelous facility. Again, all the staff and volunteers were very friendly (except for the ogre at the reception desk) and very helpful. The two supervisors were fantastic. The ACT who accompanied the adopter and I was extremely helpful and friendly.

West Valley has the look and feel of how a good shelter should look.

The cat room photos did not turn out well. It is a smaller-sized room with five-six rows of cages. It was packed with people half of the time I was there. Ron's cats were in the evidence room where no one could see them. With such a huge facility, you'd think there would be more than one smaller sized room for cats. Then again, this might be only the show room.

Volunteers. Two shy ones ran away when I was about to take the photo. My picture of the ogre apparently broke the camera because I couldn't find it on the chip.

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Anonymous said...

Yes. West Valley is wonderful.