What Happens to the Elephants Now?

Ed scored a media coup when he sent Tina, Boo and Jewel “packing,” but what happens to them now?

Did the ACTF do an investigation? Was Will Davenport cited for any violation of ANY law? Were the elephants impounded until Animal Services found an appropriate foster? Would the elephants have been euthanized because they couldn't fit into the West Valley horse corral?

Boks’ action is nothing more than sweeping animal "abuse” (never proven) under the rug. Nothing was done to protect the elephants. Boks only assured us the abuse would not happen in LA. Far out.

Anyway, Kathy Riordan was the person behind the revocation, not Boks. Boks paints elephants, remember?

Ed, where are the neonatal programs? Why don't you sow the way and set an example by fostering a litter or two yourself?


Anonymous said...

Boks is extremely allergic to cats. I don't think he has any pets at all in his condo. His girlfriend had pets but she doesn't any more.

Anonymous said...

God only knows what happened to the girlfriend's pets. Anyone who'd do Boks clearly has no sense of morals, values (or smell...)

Anyway, Ed, that's exactly what I was wondering about those poor elephants. If the guy is mistreating them why do you let him keep them? I'm betting the answer is because then Boks, who just loves the PR aspects of elephants, would have to actually deal with the logistics of elephant care, which is way too much like work for LAAS.

The thing that slays me is he still wants to put out a press release. He still thinks he did a jim-dandy job.

Can you imagine if he was the Chief of Police? "We discovered this man was beating his wife, so we said 'Hey buddy, if you're going to beat her, just pack your things and go beat her in another state, my friend!'"

Nothing more inspiring than a conscience-free sociopath who's also a notable half-wit.