Why Does Boks Say Things Like This?

In an April 4 KABC article, Ed Boks stated LAAS is close to no-kill despite also saying 6,000 dogs were euthanized (and 9,100 cats).

What kind of No-Kill is that? Maybe it is no-kill for all cute, healthy Pugs or Shitzus, but not for dogs as a whole.

The article:


“Last year, L.A. Animal Services adopted out more than 10,000 dogs, a 15-percent increase over the year before. But more than 6,000 were euthanized, though the numbers are dropping as the city pushes toward the goal of becoming "no-kill."

"Over the last five years, we've reduced euthanasia by 50 percent," said Boks. "We reduced it in 2007 by 25 percent alone. We're very close to achieving it (No Kill), but we're not there, and we really need the help of the community to get there."

Although I do not know whether Ed is talking about a calendar or fiscal year, in either event, he is full of it.

Over the past two years euth for dogs was cut by only 20%, and only about 10% in calendar 2007. Ed exaggerated the euth reduction for dogs by 250%.

This reminds me of his April 2007 boast that March 2007 was a no-kill month when the shelters killed 763 animals , which was 26% of all animals impounded. 26% kill = no kill?



Anonymous said...

Boks just plain lies all the time. When I saw that on the video I knew he was lying about a 25% drop in one year. Take a look at recent stats. January, February had huge increases in intake and euthanasia. We're now back to 2002-03 levels. There is no improvement or drop in euthanasia at all. Boks is like "I alone dropped euthanasia by 50% in a week. Nevermind that it's now up 200% from previously." Just moving animal deaths around to spin the numbers.

Ed Muzika said...

The last observation is true. During January and February of this year, 25% more dogs were killed than when Boks started.

We are almost at no kill even as killing rises 25%?

Thanks reader for pointing this out.

It just shows that when you are too crowded, at some point you have to kill to catch up.