He Said What?

At the HSUS Genesis Awards, Villaraigosa said LA has the "lowest no-kill rate in America." You heard me right. And Harry Truman was the greatest heavyweight boxer ever.

Villaraigosa Stalking Another Reporter

"The Hollywood Office of the HSUS celebrated its annual Genesis Awards last weekend in Beverly Hills, and a host of stars showed their support for our animal friends. The event was a gorgeous night of reverence, eco-consciousness, and in true Hollywood style, glamour! As HSUS President Wayne Pacelle reminded us, the Awards were to honor people using their talents to raise attention to animal abuse and cruelty, because without awareness, there can be no action."

"Amongst the attendees was Los Angeles Mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa who was extremely proud to be supporting the HSUS and of the fact that LA has the lowest no-kill rate in America and has just signed into law the toughest spay and neuter program in the US. Way to go, LA!"

I guess these guys begin to believe their own lies after a while, unless this reporter, Anna Griffin, misheard what our our Mayor said. Villaraigosa knows better, as should Wayne Pacelle.

Will Antonio name Ed "Dogcatcher General" if he becomes VP?


Anonymous said...

C'mon ED! She doesn't need to get that close to the saber-toothed demon, if she didn't like the cozy feeling.

They're all like that in their low-cut tops and tans flaunting and strutting their stuff around.

They're like the sizzler steak house at a meat-packers union.

They get close to the butcher, get tired of the pudding, then complain they get harrassed when the dessert's gotten too sweet.

Get a clue. You're a man.

Ed Muzika said...

I come from a Buddhist tradition. Sex scandals in the spiritual world of Eastern religions were The Thing in the 70s.

Gurus and Roshis were chased around by women and the inevitable happened.

Personally I see nothing wrong with it, but it created scandals then. Gurus were supposed to be above sex and were considered as taking advantage of female students.

I didn't; I thought it was mutual.

I think on the whole people are altogther too uptight about sex.

But sexual harassment is an entirely different thing. I don't know whether Villaraigosa has been so accused, but Boks has.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, I step away from my favorite blog for the night and come back to an awesome case of woman-bashing. Nice.

I just thought I'd point out that given Villaraigosa's track record, the fact that he shows so little judgement as to be eyeing a clearly much younger woman much the same way my dog eyes a pork chop, in front of cameras, is yet another example of why his little public-trough ride needs to stop right NOW. Last thing we need (and certainly the last thing Hillary needs, bless her heart) is another narcissist so lacking in judgement that he can't keep it in his pants no matter how high the stakes.

In addition, for Villaraigosa not to have learned his lesson, after that debacle of a press conference a couple of years ago with Boks, announcing City of L.A. as the #1 animal adoption agency (I mean honestly, when you make such an ass of yourself that the giant sleazebag Marcia Mayeda can call BS on you, you've seriously gone off the rails). But clearly Villaraigosa learns nothing from his giant, very public errors, as his comments and this picture show.

Anonymous said...

Villaraigosa is as big a liar as Boks. They will say anything when the camera is on them. They don't care if they lie. In a way, they have a point. They will say "LA is the best, the biggest...." and the public will go "great!" The five of us here will blog that the Mayor lied. Big deal, no one reads it or cares.They believe the lie and are happy. I guess that is all that matters, that the public thinks the Mayor is doing a great job. Who cares if he isn't. Only us.