LAAS Learns From Its Errors

When Ron Mason was arrested for Animal Neglect, the word "alleged" was not used. Mason's press release:

"ACTF Arrests Suspect for Animal Neglect."

Since then, after the many defects arising from legal irregularities of that raid, Boks is now using the term "alleged."

"Los Angeles Animal Cruelty Task Force Arrest Alleged Dog Fighter."

The Mason Press Release is still up:


Anonymous said...

Yeah, "alleged" just came up on Boks' "Word a Day" calendar.

Too bad it was too late to prevent him from getting sued for libel.

Geez, if I was Boks I'd drink too. Clearly it's the only thing he's good at.

Anonymous said...

Don't see the Press RElease anywhere on the LAAS site. It was up a few months ago, but it's gone now. How did you get it?

Ed Muzika said...

The press release link is right in this post, just above. Just click it.

You are thinking about Boks' defense of the raid posted in his Truth vs. Rumor section. That is down, but I have a copy. But I am not going to repost something that is already on my blog earlier, otherwise I am just reposting old news.

Look through the posts of October and November of 2007.