Vote for Steve Cooley for DA

Vote for Steve Cooley for District Attorney.

Cooley refused to yield to LAPD and ACTF pressure to charge Ron Mason with a felony, largely because there was none. Even if there had been, ACTF/Boks botched the Mason raid to the extent that made made it a criminal act. Unfortunately, this still has to be proven in court.

I hear Cooley has been critical of the cases brought to him by ACTF basically as being botched.


Anonymous said...

That was a good decision not to prosecute Mason. It was good for the City, Mason, Department and the cats.

Anonymous said...

Thank God. I agree, #1...

Anonymous said...

Steve Cooley is a scumbag. He has the developers in his pocket and looks the other way from environmental crimes-real crimes like Newhall Land and Ranch Development. The lawyer defending the developer (Philibosian) is a donor to Cooley. The crime committed was egregious and Cooley gave them a slap on the wrist.

Then there's the Salcido case. A nurse was using a patient's name to acquire prescription drugs. When the patient discovered what was happening and put an end to it, this nurse tormented the patient (who was pregnant at the time). The defense attorney for the nurse was also a donor to Cooley. The case just disappeared.

When an abuse case came before him of boys videotaping the burning and torture of a possum, Cooley didn't want to prosecute it as a felony because "it was only a possum." He sent the case back to the city for misdemeanor prosecution.

So, just because you like his stance on Ron Mason, do not assume he is good. He is not a good man.
For every one good act there are many other bad ones. He is as corrupt as they come.