Why I am repulsed by anything Chinese

Not only do the Chinese sell poisoned pet food and lethally tainted medicines around the world, they treat animals in the most foul way, just as do the Koreans.

When I was in Korea, there were signs all over Seoul that said "Live food." This often meant dogs. Dogs are considered a delicacy. They are often beaten to death prior to being skinned and cooked because supposedly the taste has masculinizing benefits. Of course they hide this from Westerners.

The only live dogs you'll see in Seoul are those running free protected around monasteries. You may think this is bull, but the monks I lived with have gone to those restaurants ONCE only. I had no idea when I was eating in a restaurant in 1995 there that I was eating dog. My guide tried to hide it from me, but I heard about it afterwards.

This is when I became a complete vegetarian. Once I stopped eating anything alive (except veggies), a huge load of guilt dropped from my shoulders. Also, I did not want to have anything to do with Korean culture, or Chinese for that matter.

For this reason I left the Shogate order of Zen priests where I had a fairly high ranking as the only American named to be a World Teacher of Shogate Zen Buddhism.

Photo and story about me after being made an International Teacher:


Things are worse in China. China has not been exposed to Western disapproval for 50 years as have the Koreans. We have all seen those terrible photos of cages full of cats going off to market. Hey, maybe this is what LAAS can do with its 16,000 corpses: Divvy them up between China and Western University.


If it lives, it will be eaten in China.

As a matter of fact, the Korean Zen monks think so little of Chinese morality and spirituality, that they want to bring Buddhsim back to China from where it came in 641 A.D.

This is from an online petition.

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To: Lee Scott; President and Chief Executive Officer; Wal-Mart Stores Inc.

In many North American Wal-Mart stores, “pet supply” sections have an area where photos and information about animals in need of adoption by loving families are posted. The Wal-Mart website boasts a large “pet section,” offering everything from pet strollers to dog clothing.

In addition, American pet search and adoption services are available through Wal-Mart’s “Very Best Pet Network.”

Unfortunately, Wal-Mart operates differently in China. While giving North American customers the impression that Wal-Mart cares about animals, they sell others for slaughter out of the sight of Western customers.

Live turtles and frogs are available for purchase at Chinese Wal-Mart stores. These animals are slaughtered while fully conscious, to satisfy consumers need for “fresh” food items. "The last things the turtles see in the Wal-Mart megastore in northern Beijing are bright fluorescent lights, masked shop assistants and, if they crane their necks over the edge of their plastic container, a chalk board offering them for sale at the bargain price of 39,8 yuan (about $5) each.

Once that sum is paid, even their shells cannot protect them. They are whisked off to the in-store slaughter counter, where their necks are cut, their blood is drained and they are bagged and tagged ready for the checkout counter.

According to the shop assistant, a small minority of the 100 turtles sold every day could also expect a brief respite. “A few customers like to take them home alive so they can play with them for a few days before making them into soup,” she said."

Source: Walmart Leads the Race for China by Jonathan Watts. Mail & Guardian Online (www.mg.co.za) We are saddened and horrified that Wal-Mart would employ such barbaric, inhumane, and environmentally irresponsible practices. Many species of turtles have become critically endangered in Asia due to over-collection and human consumption. We will not shop at Wal-Mart, Sams Club, or any other Wal-Mart owned division world-wide, until Wal-Mart chooses to act in a more environmentally and ethically responsible manner.


The Undersigned

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Anonymous said...

I've LONG been fighting the battle against the dog and cat fur trade -

as well as the effect China is having on this country and its citizens - Just Say No To Made In China - http://www.justsaynotomadeinchina.com/

Anonymous said...

Workers kick and stomp on the cages and jab the animals with sticks to get them out, then their weakened bodies are bludgeoned, hanged, bled, or strangled with wire nooses to kill them, says Trent Rezner (of PETA) in the video.

Many of the cats and dogs still have collars on, proof that they were once someone's beloved companions.

Some of the animals have gone insane from being held in cramped and overcrowded conditions - others are in poor health from exposure to the elements and lack of food and water. Some arrive to the marketplace, already dead or dying from rotting flesh.

Every year in China, millions of cats and dogs are killed for their fur (over 5,400 a day). China is the largest exporter of fur products to the international fur trade. It is no longer 'only the wealthy' contributing to the horrific practices of the fur trade suppliers. Much of the fur is now used to make cuffs, collars, and other pieces of trim. The fur is often mislabeled (if labeled at all) as fur from another species and then sold illegally in Europe and the United States.

What drives the cat and dog fur industry? The demand for fur items. EVERY cuff, collar and other fur product is a death sentence for an animal.

Most items are not labeled properly so the consumer has no real knowledge of what they are actually buying. Real dog and cat fur is sold and advertised as 'faux' fur. Pet toys and figurines are sold with a simple label of 'Made in China'. Purses, shoes and boots sport fur trim - where once a human companion wore the fur, now it is worn in cities and towns around the world in these items.

If you want to make sure that dogs and cats are no longer killed for fashion or used in everyday products around the world, then don't by fur - period. You can no longer be assured of whatever is listed on the label is actually the truth.

Anonymous said...

Try this.


Anonymous said...

Cats too.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

I can't even bring myself to view the links other commenters have provided. It makes me sick just to read the comments. I try to avoid anything "made in China". The Chinese are so corrupt, lacking in ethics and willing to do anything to advance their country to become the No. 1 World Power. Richard Nixon should have left them in isolation.

Kelley said...

Walmart hasn't had the Very Best Pet Network for a while, to my knowledge, so they are no longer even pretending.

Anonymous said...

RACIST leave people alone you don't know anything about people

Ed Muzika said...


Have you seen the photos and videos in these comments, where dogs are beaten to death and then eaten because beaten dogs are more tasty, and cats are piled into cages unable to breath as in the photos in the links in these comments?

Have you read about the food poisoning of pet food and also people food poisoning because of substituting cheap, poisonous additives with no inspection by a corrupt, graft-driven government?

Have you read about the medications produced in China that kill people?

Have you read about the defective and poisonous toys that hurt children all over the world?

Have you read about the many building collapses that have killed hundreds of people in China because of substandard materials and cutting construction corners?

Do you read about the repression of the Tibetans?

Have you read or seen that both the government and persons involved do everything to hide the way things are in China from tourists knowing how Chinese would be perceived?

Have you read that these things happen because of lax regulation due to a corrupt government run by graft and motivated by an incredible drive (greed) to make money and cut corners?

Have you been in monasteries where the monks eat meat contrary to Buddhist vows?

I would have an aversion to any culture that held such values, whether it be China or France.

Do we not dispise such acts and attitudes above when they happen in the US?

Do we not despise LAAS, Boks, Mayeda with lack of progress in reducing killing?

What I despise is a culture that is this way.

Anonymous said...

To the person who called Ed a racist: you need to go see for yourself how animals are treated in China and some other countries in Asia.

I am from Asia. I am half Chinese as a matter of fact, and I am not offended in the least bit by this blog entry.

I will never set foot on China's soil (I will visit my beloved Panda bears here in the US) nor will I return to where I was born for all the corruptions and inhumane ways animals are treated.

I have seen first hand the horrid, inhumane ways dogs are slaughtered for consumption. One don't ever forget such images.

It would be interesting to see what the Chinese government will do to hide all these atrocities when the Summer Olympic Games arrive. Just as the Korean government made sure that dogs and restaurants selling dog meat would not be so open when the World Cup Soccer games were in Korea.

Anonymous said...

Awsome Sermon, Mr. Muzika! You sound just like Mr. Wright!

Except it's not the people we despise...it's the Sin, or the Act, if you will...

Great stuff. It's a KEEPER!

Go Cathy N.! You've been there, done that. Tell it like it is.

Anonymous said...

Cathy, you rock. I've been thinking that for a while, ever since I first heard of you and the whole Zephyr incident. Finally I got off my lazy butt to type it. You rock, and thank you for what you're doing, and for courageously withstanding the undeserved hits you take, to try to make public the abuses animals suffer under L.A.'s two egregious "Animal Care" bureaucracies.

It's people like you, and Ed Muzika, who keep evil bastards like Ed Boks, Marcia Mayeda, Antonio Villaraigosa, and the whole complacent and corrupt Board of Supervisors awake at night.

You are the ones who make change happen, often at a considerable personal price. We respect you, we support you, and we know you are the ones telling the truth.