Show Us the STAR Accounting Ed; Prove STAR is Real

Today Ed Boks asked for donations to the STAR fund described on the LAAS website for the treatment of injured and sick animals.

When I talked to Dr. Rao last December about having an injured animal treated under the STAR program, he said, “What is that?” Why would a department vet not know what STAR was unless STAR did not exist except as a figment of Boks' imagination to elicit donations as here?

How and would a department vet make a determination of whether an animal's injuries are treated under STAR with a separate accounting, or under the budgeted vet care account?

How would the cost of care for any specific animal be determined so as to recharge STAR?

Of course there is no mechanism to recharge STAR. Only an idiot would believe there was. I don't believe there is a mechanism to to tag STAR donations into a separate STAR account either.

Last June, at a town hall meeting, Michael Bell directly asked Boks for even one example of an animal treated under STAR. He thought (appeared to) for a moment, and said he cannot remember any. He asked Linda Barth whether she knew of any. Nada.

Mike asked for an accounting of the STAR account and Linda said she’d supply it. Nada.

Of all the animals shown on the STAR page, there was no statement that the animals were treated under STAR fund, or how much STAR has paid in terms of medical care over the last year.

I seriously doubt that a STAR account even exists and that any donations to STAR actually go to that account.

We don't even have a guarantee that even $1 of any donation to STAR actually went to any vet care.

The department desperately needs funds, but unless Boks provides and accounting of the fund, we know STAR is a lie. I still would encourage everyone to donate to the department and give, give, give, maybe in terms of food, blankets, etc., which are usually posted at the various shelters.

Mr. Boks, if you want us to take the STAR account seriously, please supply documentation regarding the STAR account.

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