The Reno Success Story

Nevada Humane 2006-2007 statistics, combined with County.

Notice that 54% fewer cats were killed—combined count—in 2007 vs. 2006, and 52% fewer dogs.

Adoptions increased 52% for dogs and 78% for cats—this is both Nevada Humane and County combined.

The overall kill RATE also dropped 53%, and the adoption RATE increased 53% for dogs and 85% for cats.

In other words, killing dropped by half and adoptions increased by more than 50% in a 12 month period.

The combined stats were good compared to LAAS before Bonnie started and became stellar afterwards.

Winograd detractors, such as Boks or Bickhart, will say the combined County/Humane operation is small compared to LAAS.

But they are not small by any measure; their combined intake for 2007 was 16,000 cats and dogs, with a budget of $4,000,000.

LAAS intake was 46,400 dogs and cats, almost 3 times as many, but with a budget of $21,000,000, or 5.25 as much.

So Washoe/NH was able to effect a 50% cut in killing and even larger increase in adoptions with about half the budget per animal of LAAS.

In 2007, only 8% of WC/NH dogs were killed and 22.4% of cats, compared to LAAS stats of killing 24% of its dogs and 46% of its cats.

Here is a 9 page pdf file by Brown on how they were able to make such a dramatic change.

Bonnie points out how important marketing is to increase adoptions, and that it is a myth that there are not enough adopting homes to place them.

This is the URL for Nevada Humane:

It has links separate, Maddies style statistical tabulations that they submit to Maddies.


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Anonymous said...

Gee, I can't imagine who that first commenter is...(and Jim, tell the Mayor we said "Hi, and we'll never make the mistake of voting for you again!")

Not entirely off-topic, on KTLA they're reporting that part of our genius Mayor's plan to fix the budget crisis is to raise LAAS adoption rates. Given the fact that neither he nor his lawsuit-magnet appointee Boks have come up with ANY effective strategies to increase adoptions, I'm guessing this policy will net them a whopping $1000 or less in revenue. Let's just hope it doesn't disappear into the black hole known as STAR, which is apparently an acronym for "Boks' Legal Defense Fund for the Exoneration of Boob-Staring, Drunk-Dialing City Officials" (a cause our beloved Mayor embraces with his eyes focused on the no-doubt imminent future).

What it WILL accomplish, long term, is the alienation of the very people we need to make No-Kill viable, i.e. the public.

Good one, Antonio. You've just given me another reason to vote for Obama, namely to ensure that you fall back into the richly deserved obscurity from whence you came.