From: Catherine Borrego
Sent: Sunday, May 04, 2008 6:45 AM
Subject: Lax expansion program abandoned pets!!!Urgent!!!!

Hi rescue friends. This email is a plea to the cat rescuers to help in this situation

I was in the neighborhood that has been designated as the new LAX expansion area. It was suddenly apparent that this area was spotted with pets left behind. The neighbor hood homes have been purchased by Lax and are either unoccupied or have already been demolished for land clearing purposes. The cats are numerous. I have befriended one mama cat who is in bad shape and will adopt her immediately. But there are too many to list.

One drive through the area at dusk will show the task at hand. I know there is a group of kitties that have been fenced in with no way out and they looked like they were in hunting mode.

Many of the cats are pets and are as sweet as punch and many are or are now feral. The one thing we may have in our favor is time. We could collect them over the next few months.

Mary and I will do our part to rescue the dogs. This email is a plea to the cat rescuers to help in this situation. This cats will become land fill or will ultimately scamper to safety of the 405 freeway or Century Blvd.

The quadrant border of the neighbor hood is La Cienga Blvd - Airport Blvd, Arbor Vitae-Century Blvd. This is Westchester of Inglewood. Right on the border.

Please circulate to all rescue partners. I would be glad to assist anyway I can.

Thanks Cathy

Mary Chatman: maryslittlelambs@ca.rr.com
Catherine Borrego: cborrego@murad.com

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Anonymous said...

I need your input on these posts I put up on Craigslist asking for help for these unweaned kittens.

Three babies were relinquished to East Valley, and three were kept by the woman who is neglecting them by feeding them a strict diet of milk, while claiming she has no time to care for them and will either dump them on just anyone or maybe relinquish them to the shelter if and when she has time.

Yet, the woman will not provide them with the adequte care they need.

The kittens will die and her husband is a beligerent, cruel, and abusive despot toward not only his wife, but his children.

If you have patience and feel up to reading these posts, please feel free to post this if you think it is appropriate in any way, and read on...or just ignore them.

I am, however, very afraid for those kittens and the dog the family adopted. Where there is an abusive family situation, animals will get hurt and become seriously neglected:



Recent post (flagged and removed), but still concerned for babies:

Black and White unweaned kittens still in possession of abusive people
Reply to: comm-670714647@craigslist.org
Date: 2008-05-06, 4:36PM

Tried to get an update as to whether the woman with the three black and white unweaned babies were turned into the Animal Care Center at East VAlley.

The husband answered the phone and wouldn't let me talk to the wife.

He said he doesn't have time to take care of the animals, yet has not turned them into the shelter yet.

The babies are unweaned. They need care.

I called an officer about the situation but the people gave a false name and address when they turned in the kittens, so they don't have the people on their records, only the kittens with the ID # that were turned in.

The officer suggested that all I can do is wait for the woman to call me back to tell me whether she turned in the kittens.

I asked the lady's husband to please ask for a receipt for the kittens once they are turned in so that I can get their ID#'s and post them for the rescue who pulled the first set of three they turned in yesterday.

The husband was beligerent and short with his response and insisted that he was not going to get a receipt for the kittens, that he was just going to drop them off. "Later!"

The kittens need to be fed and they need formula! They're babies.

I am in deep consternation over this.

I have an address for these people, but the officer could not find them in the system. I am concerned about their well-being.

I pleaded with the husband to please ask his wife to contact me so that we can try to arrange for the kittens to go with the same foster parent and so the siblings can stay together.

He responded by saying: "That's up to me whether I tell her or not. We are not people who spend time taking care of animals. We have work to do."

I met these people when I was contracting upholsterers for my furniture. They did the job. Then they came over with their kittens trying to dump them off because they saw that I have cats.

The husband refuses to give me the descriptions of the kittens so that I can at least check for them on the LA Animal Services website when they arrive, if and when they decide to turn them in.

It would work better if they would get a receipt or at least their ID #'s upon relinquishment, but they refuse. He said they are just going to drop them off at the shelter and that is all they are responsible for.

They could care less if the kittens do not get rescued by the same organization or a different rescue.

I wanted to help those poor babies out by posting their ID#'s and their descriptions, but they refuse to get a receipt, or an ID# for each of them, and they refuse to give me the descriptions of the kittens.

If they ever make it to the shelter they might have a chance, even if the kittens don't end up witht he same foster---unless those beligerant people keep holding onto them and the kittens end up with low blood sugar, stomach cramping and diahrrea from the milk they give them as the only source of food.

The husband is a terribly low-class, low-income, controlling person. He mistreats his wife and children, and now he's mistreating the animals by failing to provide them with the adequate care they need.

I have only one address for these people and a phone number where I have contacted them.
These people gave a false address to the shelter upon relinquishment of the first set of kittens and I do not know if the address I have for them is still current. (They may be illegal).

I only have their names, home phone number and their cell number.

I am really worried.

I really wonder if these people are illegal and refuse to give out personal information for this reason.

I am going to forward this post to an animal cruelty task force to see what he tells me, and to an officer at the SPCA.

I will contact the animal cruelty task force number and try to get their advice tommorrow, but it may already be too late for the babies. I hope not.

If these people also gave me a false name when they did upholstery work for me when they were here at my home repairing my furniture (over a year ago) and the name is a false name on the invoice they gave me, then there is probably no way for me or anyone to track them down and go out there to get the kittens.

I just don't know....

All I know is that I'm scared for those unweaned kittens and they have been fed a strict diet of milk for who knows how long. The first three that were brought over to my house yesterday were very thin.

I don't know what to do if the man won't talk to me and the woman refuses to talk with me because the husband is going to go after her for getting involved with the animals---AND they no longer live at the address that I have for them.

All I have is their names and phone numbers are this point.

Any suggestions, Mr. Muzika?