Mayeda's Sanctioned Puppy Mill-Video

The below May 2 report is from my sister-blog, Mayeda/County watcher:

In the latest fiasco, the Department of Animal "Care" and Control gave World Kennel USA, a Palmdale-based puppy mill, an A after giving them an F just 2 weeks prior. They had approximately 400 dogs, well over their 100 dog limit. World Kennel USA is located in Michael Antonovich's district, AKA animal hoarders paradise. Of course the Board of Supervisors is going to let this go without question just like they have all of Marcia Mayeda and her Department's misconduct in the past.

How is World Kennel USA dealing with the fact that they have to comply with the 100 dog limit? They're dumping their older breeding females with local animal control. When they reach the 100 dog limit, what's to stop them from starting up again?

The Department of Animal "Care" and Control? The Department of Animal "Care" and Control couldn't run tap water let alone enforce the law. What's it going to take for the Board of Supervisors to say enough is enough? Animals can't vote, so why would they care? So far, they haven't.

The below video is an undercover investigation of the puppy mill that the Department of Animal "Care" and Control gave an A to.


You hit the nail on the head Ryan; nothing is going to change until LA's animal community unites. It isn't happening even after years of work by Bell, Sorentino, McClellen, Cummins, Metropole, Barrymore and many others.

When it happens--if it happens--then things will change.

In the meantime, keep holding her feet to the fire.

I will tell you a big secret that only someone who lived in Santa Monica would know. There are two politicians there, two councilmen that could really, really make an impact in this area if they decided to run for Supervisor or a state office, OR for Mayor of LA.

They are Kevin McKeown and Ken Genser.

Both have supported unions, renters and others not in power. Ken can do things behind the scenes and Kevin does the front guy. Actually they both do both, but Kevin is the extrovert.

Either of these two could make things happen in LA. Every Democratic pol in the state knows them and they'd get great support.

Both opposed Santa Monica's killing of ground squirrels upon order from County Vector Control. They know the County well. Ken has expressed interest in how well their shelter is doing.

Ken Genser:
Kevin McKeown: website:
Santa Monica Website:

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