A Discovery re a Ben Lavato

This comment was received this morning. Perhaps the Ben Lovato referred to in the comment is the same one that demanded Madow abandon his feral cats and deny them food and water. If so, his actions appear to be consistent with someone who would threaten to murder a human being and get sued for it.

"How old was this hearing officer, Ben Lovato?

"Google the name and there is a Ben Lovato who used to be an LAPD detective who got sued by the ACLU for threatening to kill someone in 1983.

"One would like to think Rocky Delgadillo's office wouldn't hire someone like that, but we know too much about L.A. government to think unprofessionalism, pathological behavior and rank incompetence would stop you from getting hired.

"If it's the same guy he certainly still likes to bully people and deny them their rights.

"Too bad Mark Madow wasn't just driving City cars without authorization, insurance or a valid driver's license. The he could have skated, just like Rocky Delgadillo's wife did..."

This is one of several Google referrences to a Ben Lovato:

The Facts Behind a Sinister Connection
by Mae Brussell ©

[References: Larry McDonald, the Los Angeles Police Department and Western Goals.]

1970: Los Angeles Police Chief Edward M. Davis -- a staunch conservative -- created the Public Disorders Intelligence Division (PDID). Five years earlier Davis had formed the Criminal Conspiracy Section (CCS), California's top political intelligence-gathering operation.
1971: Louis Tackwood, agent-provocateur for the Los Angeles Police Department, exposed police involvement in "dirty tricks and murderous things"

1970-1972: Lawsuits against police abuses escalated as it became apparent that spying was continuing. The files ordered to be destroyed were never removed from LAPD intelligence. January 4, 1983: Representing 131 clients, the ACLU filed a lawsuit against the LAPD and continued its efforts to locate files on over 200 organizations being spied upon.

May 24, 1983: The Los Angeles Times ran the following headline: "DETECTIVE IN SPYING CASE LINKED TO BIRCH LEADER - Suspect in Police Probe Ran Private Computer That Keeps Records on Leftists in U.S." Representative Larry McDonald, chairman of the John Birch Society, was publicly exposed for obtaining stolen documents ordered destroyed years before. Western Goals was paying for the computer and labor to transfer these stolen documents to McDonald's Alexandria, Virginia, and German offices.

McDonald justified his Western Goals involvement with LAPD intelligence files as necessary for "future Olympic Games security." Evidence emerged that Western Goals, members of the LAPD and Pentagon personnel planned previous riots and fatal provocations.

September 1, 1983: Representative Larry McDonald, chairman of Western Goals, was killed on Flight 007. September 15, 1983: Linda Guell, the new Western Goals chairman, stated she would not testify before the Los Angeles grand jury unless she received immunity from prosecution. Otherwise she would invoke the Fifth Amendment.

September 15, 1983: LAPD Detective Ben Lovato, one of those being sued by the American Civil Liberties Union, was accused of threatening to kill Western Goals editor John Rees.


Anonymous said...

Oh. You really are insane. Wow!

Anonymous said...

To #1 I suggest you read Mark Madow's account of his "hearing" with Mr. Lovato, then decide who's insane.

It kind of amazes me that people will respond so vehemently here without reading all the relevant information. Like the person who went off on how much damage the cats had obviously done to Mark Madow's house -- except that he clearly states both that the cats were NEVER inside his house AND that the cats are feral. You ever try to get a feral cat to go someplace unfamiliar? Good luck. Last night at the rescue I work at another volunteer and I tried to give a feral cat some medication.

That was insane.

If you read the account of Lovato and how he treated Mark Madow, and how he blatantly tried to bully him, it's a straight line from that to possibly being an ex-LAPD detective.

BTW, welcome to L.A., you're obviously new here.

Anonymous said...

How about posting Mr. Lovato's account of the hearing? What is insane that everything is one sided here. There are always two sides to each story.

Ed Muzika said...

If Lovato contacts me I'll post it.

If anyone in Animal Services contacts me I'll post it, but I need to know the person is from AS, not someone posing.

I will not use the name of the employee contacting me.

I am not a reporter checking every fact and post sent to me. I don't have the time. If someone wants the other side of the story, let them contact me.

I believe that sneior officials in LAAS and the Mayor's Office do contact me to set me straight and I ALWAYS post their comments if I think it is they posting.

Anonymous said...


First off, as another poster has noted, so far from giving his side of the story, Ben Lovato is hiding, and not answering his phone, just so he DOESN'T have to explain what went on that day.

Second, there are NOT always two sides to every story - not two EQUAL sides, anyway.

For there to be two EQUAL sides you would have to have two people OF EQUAL RATIONALITY AND GOODWILL who have equally valid, yet opposing viewpoints, and equal ability to influence the other. But a government employee who has clearly NO interest in whether these cats live or die, who refuses to substantiate what he accuses Madow of, and who behaves like a thug instead of a public servant, on the public payroll, does not have an equal side of the story with a man who's trying to save lives.

Until Mr. Lovato is willing to come down and fish the dead cats who only wanted a damn drink of water out of Mark Madow's pool, and ADMIT that he put Mark Madow in a position where this was the inevitable result, he has NO side of the story.

He's a thug and a punk and a coward for not owning up to his actions and facing people who oppose him.

I would tell you the actual thing I think he is, but Ed has asked us not to use bad language.

But he is a piece of ..it.

Anonymous said...

"If Lovato contacts me I'll post it."

He won't be contacting you. There is no Lovato. He's had a "lovatomy."

No such address at the ben.lovato@lacity.org or bejamin.lovato@loacity.org.

These addresses given to contact the "district attorney" are bogus.

Anonymous said...

Could this be him?
The name and description are the same.