It is a Very Small World

Below is a list of speakers from a Best Friends No More Homeless Pets conference in October, 2001.

I assume that even then, these people knew each other for some time.

The list includes most of the same players as today.

Notice Bonney Brown, Winograd's appointee in Reno, was communications director of Best Friends back then.

No More Homeless Pets Conference

* Mike Arms, President, Helen Woodward Animal Center, Rancho Santa Fe, CA

* Richard Avanzino, President, Maddie's Fund, Alameda, CA

* Francis Battista, Director of Animal Care, Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

* Ed Boks, Director, Maricopa County Animal Care and Control, Phoenix, AZ

* Bonney Brown, Communications Director, Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

* Gregory Castle, President, No More Homeless Pets in Utah, Salt Lake City, UT

* Julie Castle, Program Director, No More Homeless Pets in Utah, Salt Lake City, UT

* Karen Medicus, Executive Director, Humane Society/SPCA Austin/Travis County, Austin, TX

* Michael Mountain, President, Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

* Becky Robinson, National Director, Alley Cat Allies, Washington, DC

* Nathan Winograd, Executive Director, Tompkins County SPCA, Ithaca, NY


Anonymous said...

Ew! Karen Medicus is evil.

Anonymous said...

This is scary. We're all pissed at Boks but, really, who would we recommend instead? Nathan doesn't want the job in LA and the rest are the same old same old.

Anonymous said...

Why not someone new? I think the Charlottesville, VA, director is new.

I'd take Satan over Karen Medicus any day.

I was talking to someone who met KM. The person mentioned something about Best Friends, and KM says "Best Friends? Did you know they keep animals alive who don't even have any back legs?" like that is the most horrible thing that could possibly be imagined. With all the horrible things that happen to animals daily .... keeping one alive with no back legs just doesn't compute on the scale of horror, sorry.

My friend says "Yes, that's Scooter, I've been sponsoring him since 2002" or some such.