Mayeda Sued Under RICO Racketeering Act

Mayeda and 41 co-defendents have been sued by Cynthia Bemis and Brandy Foundation Animal Sanctuary for Civil Rights violations and under the RICO Act (Racketeer Influence Corruption Organization) in a lawsuit filed April 7, 2008 in the United States District Court for Central California. The plaintiff attorney is animal activist attorney John Uribe, who has successfully represented ADL.

I will try to post the entire case on my website and put a ling to it from this blog. The complaint about Mayeda is below:

Plaintiffs further allege, upon information and belief, that at all times relevant, MAYEDA failed to: (a) adequately train, supervise, and/or monitor her subordinates, supervisory
or non-supervisory officers, personnel, employees, and/or agents, as well as those, to include without limitation, animal control officers, veterinarians, and technicians of DACC, in ensuring that they operated and complied with all relevant and applicable
federal, state, and local laws, and policies; and/or (b) promulgate adequate policies,procedures, regulations, customs, and/or practices to prevent the unlawful acts complained of herein. Moreover, upon information and belief, plaintiffs further allege that, at all times relevant herein, MAYEDA authorized, acquiesced, participated in, approved, and/or ratified the unlawful acts complained of herein.

30. Defendant Christine Franco (“FRANCO”) was and is employed by LAC as an ACO-Supervisor and/or Staff Development Specialist of DACC’s Major Case Unit.

31. Defendant Sheri Koenig (“KOENIG”) was and is employed by LAC as an ACO-Manager and/or Supervisor and Lieutenant of DACC’s Major Case Unit.

32. Defendant Alonzo Real (“REAL”) was and is employed by LAC as an
ACO-Sergeant of DACC’s Major Case Unit.

33. Defendant Carmen a/k/a Maria Garcia (“GARCIA”) was and is employed by LAC as an ACO-II of DACC.

Rumor has it that Mayeda is also being investigated by the current Grand Jury for various reasons.

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