The Phantom Breeder moved his huge 4' X 5' PUPPIES FOR SALE sign and sales operation 2.5 miles down Nordhoff, from Reseda to Woodley. Basically he is laughing at Animal Services and the LAPD, because he knows that the enforcement side of LAAS and LAPD is a joke; they will do nothing because they do not care, unless they want a PR bust of a hoarder for an Animal Planet program.

The shelter workers are getting a lot of positive feedback sent to this blog, and I have seen exemplary employees and volunteers myself at West Valley. But enforcement seems to be the weak link.

They either do nothing, or they bring the world down around your ears as with Mason. They "Pulled a Mason" on Mason who never was charged even for not having a kennel permit.

How can these two guys, who may or may not have 1) a Los Angeles business license; 2) a breeder's license, and 3) a kennel permit, not have been stopped and checked before Yesterday when I and a commenter complained to West Valley?

Do not AS trucks and cop cars go onto Norhoff at all? Do the cops and ACOs just ignore this and similar operations? Does there have to be multiple citizen complaints first?

When I first called WV, the ACO told me they had received complaints from all over "that area," meaning Tampa/Reseda and the CSUN area, but, he said nothing had come of those complaints. That is why I was pleasantly surprised that Pro showed up and questioned the two men for some time.

But now, a mere day later, the Phantom Breeder moved his operation down the street knowing LAAS and LAPD will no nothing, not even check licenses.

From a commenter:

Well, the guy and his black Astro Chevy Van was peddling his pups on Nordhoff again---this time near Woodley. He was there all day, with his stupid sign, pointing to a home where he got rid of one of the shepherd pups for a good $700 bucks.

Right on the street.

Called LAPD--it was the Mission Hills district.

Officer said there is absolutely nothing that can be done, unless the guy is selling them on a street corner, or at some sort of gas station, on public property.

If he's selling the pups on somebody's lot of front lawn, the LAPD would have to get a complaint from the owner of the property before they could get out there to cite him for selling without a vendor's license.

Called SPCALA and left a message.

Also called the Spay/Neuter Task Force and left a message w/ the guy's license plate.

This after getting guess who on the phone again today at you know where, and couldn't get an update, even though I put in the call yesterday about the same situation.

There is nothing anyone can do as far as checking out the kennel conditions without an address.

You can't just give the phone number, or a cell, or a license number because, as I've been told by the lieutenant regarding a different situation, they're not the FBI.

We need an address and we need a report that the dogs are being abused or neglected. Without that, we have nothing except to hope for the best for all of those puppies that will continue to be overbred until the mother is no longer good for anything and she gets shot somewhere, or dropped off at the shelter cause she's had too many litters and she's good for nothing anymore.

Assholes do it all the time. Makes you want to beat your head against the friggen wall.

Well, the LAPD is helpless!! Tisk, tisk.

But where there is the will, there is a way.

I guess they never heard of "Pulling a Mason" even though they invented it.

What you (Boks/ACTF/ACOs/LAPD/County Health) did to Ron Mason, you can do to these two guys, but they are counting on you ignoring their shady operation just as you have been doing for months.

Next time I see the Phantom Breeder I'll post photos of their sign, faces, truck, truck plates, and the puppies, and post them. We'll help Ed catch the baddies or hear their excuses why they are helpless or why they are not the FBI.

But in the end, it means nothing. This blog may put a bug up their butt on this one item, but they will continue to ignore many other acts of cruelty.

By the way, who would be stupid enough pay $700 for a puppy sold on a sidewalk with no return address?

I know there are a lot of stupid people out there because we got Bush for 8 years, but please, stupid enough to pay $700 to someone with no address?


Anonymous said... know what?!

The guy wants to sell his pups?

The guy wants you to follow him around so that he can make thousands upon thousands of $$$ in one day at the expense of the health, physical stress, and inhumane overbreeding of the females, as those poor defenseless dogs keep popping out those pups for this asshole because they don't have a choice?

Reseda already has stray and unlatered dogs running loose on the street, and ANY drug dealer in the valley can be stupid enough to buy a pup for $700 so that they can overbreed those pups and make their millions in turn.

$700 is nothing but pocket change to vermin with no ethics or morals, and they can care less who they harm on the way.

I have been at West VAlley when a boxer female was dumped there by her bald owner covered in tatoos.

The poor kennel supervisor was in such consternation, as was I, when she asked the guy if the female was spayed. "NO."

"Did she have a license?"


"Why was the poor dog being relinquished?" she asked.

"Because we already have a dog, and we can't afford to take care of two of them."

The female dog had bite wounds all over her face that looked like they had taken a long time to heal. Deep scars on her forehead.

"So why are you holding onto the other dog and relinquishing this one?" The supervisor asked.


"Has she had puppies?"


"Where are the puppies?"

"We sold them."

"The dog needs a license and she isn't spayed, and after you've sold all the puppies you want to leave her here now?"

"Yeah, we can't afford to keep both of them."

Crushing. The dog was absolutely precious. People friendly.

I was standing right next to the dog. My stomach dropped. The tattooed dad probably had a couple more dogs at home. A fertile female, younger than the one who he was relinquishing, and a male perhaps.

(And do you think they were altered? Guess.)

IF the shelter refused the older female he was dropping off, the owner wouldn't hesitate to get rid of her by whatever means he deals with other disposable members of the community.

If he relinquishes the dog and she's accepted, she has a good chance of being adopted because she is still a beautiful, sweet dog.

She's an older dog now, and ready to be thrown out by her guardian, but she's a full breed, and she would be altered and chipped if she's adopted.

Now the peddler driving up and down Nordhoff, laughing at law enforcement and the community, is doing the same thing by subjecting each and every pup he sells to money-laundering, in-your-face pornographers of the same unethical, immoral, vermin class.

Why pornograhpers? Because they are treating these innocent creatures as objects and forcing them to undergo injustices for the sheer pleasure of the Breeder who is playing God at their expense.

You didn't ask for this information, and perhaps there is nothing that can be done legally to be able to catch this Cheshire-Cat puppy peddler.

The guy wants business? He wants you to follow him and chase him around so that he can push his pups onto the community so that they too can end up as wild, stray and unaltered mixes, suffering and getting hit by cars on the busy street?

He is making himself public, so everything he does is public domain, including his signs.

His license plate is also public domain now:

You guys want to see his pups? You want to see his kennels?

The pups had NO FOOD and NO PLACE TO POO when he was out on Nordhoff and Yolanda on Friday.

Saturday, it was probably the same damn thing. I didn't have the stomach to check. He stuck the pups inside the person's house and parked the van outside with his blasted sign on the street pointing to the address.

Ok, people, you want porno? You want a strip joint? The guy wants to publicize?

Strip him of all he's got:

The guy was at 16249 Nordhoff Blvd. on Saturday, all day, and his black Astro Van with Licence plate # 3XDK473 is in your face. It's public domain.

The guy wants business?

The people who are enabling him to keep proliferating the eventual population of unwanted dogs want business? They're getting a cut off of the guy's stud service too.

I don't think they're just friends of his. They're all in the drug business.

The drug of temporary puppy cuteness -- but at the expense of whom?

Here is the information on the guy's business card in case you want to purchase a pup or two to stud:

Dog Vaccines At Your Door 5-IN-1+ CORONA

Isn't that nice? STUD peddliing plus Vaccinations perhaps administered by someone without any medical training.

IF your dogs get injected in a nerve, your dog is crippled for life.

(818) 535-7432
Hablamos Espanol


WE Accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover

Call him. The guy wants business. Give him a taste of his own crap.

The pups have no place to poo, or perhaps there is crap all over his kennels.

Anonymous said...

Call him and ask him where he's going to do his business again.

Go there and take the pictures.

If LAPD and LAAS can't do anything about it, the ball's in our court.

We may risk going to court over this, but before we get there---get someone to go out and take the animals out for a walk---walk 'em straight over to the vet's office and Strip 'em of all they've got: their ovaries, testicles, and uteruses.

Then put 'em back.

TNR for breeders.

OOPS! But they're owned property.

"Sorry officer...but I was just taking them for a walk."

Once we're in court, we'll walk out we committed to the strip joint technique.

See if the guy still wants his animals after that. After they're fixed.

Then get the rescues to take them and find forever, loving, and PERMANENT homes for all of them.

They'll be a lot of pups, lots of adults, and lots of different breeds.

In one lot sale on the Nordhoff and Yolanda lawn there was the Chow, the doberman, the husky, the Retreiver and the Shepherds alone. All different ages even between similar breeds.

You bet you're going to have a lot of pups and parents on the premises.

Lots of S/N to do before going to court.

See who laughs last.

Problem is....when the guy doesn't want his animals any more because the animals have been stripped of their capacity to reproduce, he'll dump them either at the shelter, or who knows where, if he doesn't destroy them himself by inhumane and deplorable means.

Once he is unable to perform his fertility rituals for profit on a regular basis, the pups won't be raking in the dough, and the adults will be considered worthless.

That's a big problem. Prabably causes more harm than good in the long-run. I don't know.

We do know this:

When we end up in jail for confiscating and altering the guy's dogs, we'll be the ones with the Cheshire smile because we know that those little guys won't have to be subjected to unnecessary and undeserved suffering and they won't be reproducing.

Anyone say "TNR"?

Anonymous said...

You mentioned that "the property itself might have been the kennel" on Thursday when you first saw the pups along Nordhoff and Yolanda.

You also mentioned you drove along the alley way where the property was located but you were unable to locate it.

The address where the pups were being sold on the lawn on Thursday when you called LAAS to report is:

18626 Nordhoff St., "in beautiful downtown Northridge."

This was before he moved eastward near Woodley.

I mentioned that LAPD needs a complaint from the property owner before they are able to do anything about the guy selling the pups on private property.

Do you know why the owner of the property at the Nordhoff/Yolanda address did not complain?

The house is on an abandoned lot. There is a sign on one of the windows saying that the public is not allowed to enter the premises.

The windows are boarded up and there is a padlock on the front door.

I didn't notice any of this on Thursday when I swirved around to check out the pups and the breeder. I was distracted by the pups, the fact that they had no food or litter box, and the fact that I wanted to get the descriptions of the pups, the vehicle, the guy, and the location of the property so that I could rush over to LAAS to report.

I was thinking more about the fact that the pups were out there in plain view and that the breeder was pushing pup sales right out in the open.

I never even noticed that the guy was selling on an abandoned lot because I was hoping an ACO would check the breeder out for the appropriate licenses and permits to breed and sell the pups along the boulevard once he was reported.

Turns out the breeder was doing his sales on private property alright, and that is supposed to be legal, according to the LAPD; but if I had noticed that the guy had entered the property illegally to do his sales, the LAPD might have stopped and talked to him, if we had noticed this factor and reported it in time.

And no, guess who didn't notice this after having talked to the guy, or simply isn't telling because they're not the LAPD and therefore are not able to issue a citation for selling items without a vendor's license.

Might as well be a Yard sale.

The yard sale isn't there anymore, but your welcome to check the property out if you want to swing by there again.

Ed Muzika said...

You are right. I too checked the house out Friday. Guess all you have to do is find a house where no one lives and set up any sort of business on the lawn. Maybe a barbecue and sell chicken sandwiches, because I doubt anyone checks for a restaurant license either.

That way, you don't need a vendor's permit or license and need not worry about the owner complaining.

I think I'll start selling Indian jewelry at that spot. No need to pay rent, no one checks for a business license.

No one cares.

At least the two guys are gone. I did not see them today anywhere.

Anonymous said...

"At least the two guys are gone. I did not see them today anywhere."

Yeah. I hate to give up on those pups, but there's nothing we can do now.

"No one cares."

Makes you want to cry your eyes out.

Frustrates the $#%@! out of some of the officers---the good ones.

They often don't have any backup when they do want to do something about a problem.

"I think I'll start selling Indian jewelry at that spot. No need to pay rent, no one checks for a business license."

Yeah...Thanks for making me laugh. It's funny because it's true.

Thanks for caring and putting this up, Mr. Muzika. I'm glad you saw everything and you cared enough to post. The whole situation was painful to have to see for yourself.

You always hear about the breeders, and the suffering they cause, but never see them for yourself.

Maybe someday the guy's conscience will be transformed.

When the Veil is Lifted and he comes to the realization about the suffering he has caused, it might be enough to make him suffer.

It will be Hell on Earth at the moment of Realization.

Even if he gets caught, there are still so many others... makes you want to throw your hands up in the air and look up at the sky and ask, "Why?!"

Anonymous said...

Are any of you willing to go to jail over this? I didn't think so. I have gone to jail over things like this because I took action. I brought the attention that was needed. I stand on the sidewalk with signs and yell at people. I park my car in front of these situations with signs all over it. I get so tired of people who only complain but are not willing to sacrifice their comfort for a few hours in the jailhouse. Get your butts out there and do something instead of posting on this blog. It's only money for a bail. And go to the neighbor's and ask them to complain, don't even bother with the property owner who has probably given permission. Do something rather than sit around blaming everyone.

Anonymous said...

" I get so tired of people who only complain but are not willing to sacrifice their comfort for a few hours in the jailhouse. "

How do you know I haven't been in jail 50 times over similar things as this, my dear?

Self-righteousness is not very inspiring.

How do you know that it is just my "own comfort" I'm concerned about?

How about the neglect I would be putting my colonies of TNR'ed cats in if I were to spend any "vacation" time off.

Believe me, Jail would be vacation time spent away from my colonies and my cats at home.

You know not of what you speak, my dear.

You get your TNR'red colonies properly maintained, not because you want to save money and think about those precious comforts and time off away from home.

You can either do something to help, if you wish, or you can make suggestions.

But, attacking people who care isn't going to make you or me any more active, or any more inspired to get out there to do anything to risk the homeless animals on the street who depend on you.

That causes more harm than good.

Taking personal action somewhere else at the expense of animals who are legally your own resonsibility at home, is to put them under unnecessary risk.

Please don't attack people for being active on behalf of animal well-being whenever they are able.

If you don't like reading things on a blog, you can easily by-ass it. But when two people have seen the same thing and are concerned, it is possible to put two heads together to make something happen.

No one is forcing you to read anything that is going to make you so upset that you need to attack people unnecessarily.

Make it makes you feel good to do so, but it doesn't help anyone, especially animals who need you.

No need to bicker, just do.

Is that OK with you?

Ed Muzika said...

You put your finger on a deep tactical question.

I think you have to pick your battles very carefully and not spread yourself too thin regarding the issues you choose. That is, you have to become a Johnny One Note.

Otherwise you have no space for a life and are always bitter, angry and depressed.

You are too small, as am I, to do anything to change the world other than for a small space around you.

People know this and flock to gurus and politicians thinking they think like you and can implement change because they have so much power.

Actually you need to bond with other fellow travelers with similar viewpoints even if they do not share your specific passion. As one of my Zen masters called it, "Together action."

Johnny One Notes can be powerful. I think ADL is a more powerful agent for change than ALF because they have one issue only: reform LAAS and get rid of Boks. They accumulate small victories, which allows them to expand to other issues later.

Anonymous said...

"Actually you need to bond with other fellow travelers with similar viewpoints even if they do not share your specific passion. As one of my Zen masters called it, "Together action."

Ooooooh....Wonderful words, Mr. Muzika..."Bonding with fellow travelers with similar viewpoints even if they do not share your specific passion...Together Action."

Just writing the words out in order to get it ingrained into the heart.

Anonymous said...

"I think ADL is a more powerful agent for change than ALF because they have one issue only: reform LAAS and get rid of Boks. They accumulate small victories, which allows them to expand to other issues later."

You are out of your zen-loving mind. You, your phony zen and the terrorst ADL are a disgrace. Shame on you. You know nothing about Buddhism if you buy your zen at the local Kwik-ee Mart. You fool yourself. You support terrorism.
How will ADL "reform" LAAS?
You are an idiot.

Ed Muzika said...

"Disgrace to whom butt-head?

What do you know about Buddhism and Zen? Get yours out off an Alan Watts's tape or a Dalai Lama Uncle Tom book?

Real Zen masters tend to kick ass. Trying going to one of their monasteries sometime.

What anout Shaolin Kung-fu Buddhism?

What about Buddhist monks who burned themseleves to death to protest the regime in Vietnam?

What about the Tibetan monastic riots?

What about the 1998 riots of reformist monks in Korean taking over from the old guard Japanese Zen masters?

With photos:

You have NO IDEA what you are talking about--None! If you think all Zen monks are passivists smelling Lotus flowers, take a trip to Asia sometime.

ADL is reforming LAAS by making it a center of public scrutiny and attention. It is not a terrorist organization. I don't consider ALF much of a terrorist organization either.

They are both reformist.

See the middle east, Sri Lanka, N Ireland, Somalia, Pakistan, etc., then you find terrorists.

Anonymous said...

"What anout Shaolin Kung-fu Buddhism?"

An ignorant question, Mr. Muzika....

Is Shaolin Kung-Fu Buddhism similar to the kind of teaching the Master was teaching the little boy in the Karate Kid?

I saw Part 2 of the Karate Kid a couple of weeks ago and I was so taken by the teaching the boy received from his Teacher.

I wonder if some of the teachings were a mixture of various forms of Buddhism, (and Hollywood, of course...).

Whatever the teachings were, I was really taken by them.

Anonymous said...

"You know nothing about Buddhism if you buy your zen at the local Kwik-ee Mart. "

That is not nice; nor is it fair.

Anonymous said...

Oh, hit a nerve did we!! I doubt very seriously that you have been to jail ,oh person of too many words. If you had then you would have been the first one to suggest it. Excuses, excuses, excuses is all you are offering and excuses don't help these animals, sorry. As for picking battles, don't complain if you ain't willing to fight for what you believe in. All you have in life is what you stand for and it should be defended at any and all costs, not using the excuse of picking and choosing. Oops, I forgot this crowd is the no kill crowd and that means picking and choosing in order not to be those who have to euthanize because they don't get to pick and choose. Do something rather than post to this blog if you feel strongly enough. Your "domestics gone wild who need more than food and water from you" won't miss one evening meal while you are going through booking.

Ethan Smith said...

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