Save Blakely's Dogs

I do not know the history of this bust at all. There are various allegations as to the health and medical conditions of the dogs as well as their living circumstances.

I was involved from the beginning about the Mason raid so I know all the details. I do know that many of the same principals are involved in this case as were in the Mason case, including Don Cocek, whose office handles all animal cases in the Vally and who orders fines as "restitutions" to the SPCA, whose board he once sat on.

Anyway, a plea has been sent out to rescue Blakely's pets. I post that plea below.

I too have heard SPCA "rescues" largely never make it out alive from their "shelters." As a matter of fact, a newspaper reporter interviewed me some time ago about this subject, but I knew nothing about the SPCA.

I assume you can call or go to the shelter offering to foster the dogs.

I wonder if this SPCA case has the same problems as did Mason: a defective warrant; a legal system that holds all the evidence, making it impossible for a defendent to regain his property or any information on confiscated evidence. I don't know whether the SPCA left a list of confiscated property and dogs, nor given information on where they were located.

I do not know whether she was afforded access to a Postseizure hearing.

Email Plea:


Ms. Blakely was raided by SPCA-LA over 1 year ago, and all 17 of her rescued dogs were seized. The dogs will be "released" officially by the court to SPCA-LA this week, or at the latest the first week in June. Once they are released, SPCA-LA will have no further "use" for them, so the dogs will all be killed IMMEDIATELY. These dogs need rescuers or adopters lined up ASAP, to save these poor dogs before it’s too late.

SPCA-LA has traditionally always killed the animals they seize, the very day they impound them. SPCA-LA says that Ms. Blakely's dogs are still alive, but if so, her dogs will all be killed now. These are very adoptable dogs though SPCA-LA may tell you otherwise, and they may try to discourage or prevent people from rescuing them, or even seeing them. Please don't let them stop you from rescuing the dogs, it is the dogs' only chance to get out alive, and you must act quickly or the dogs will be killed before you can save them.

Do NOT believe SPCA-LA if they tell you they will adopt out the dogs, it is nothing but a PR gimmick, the dogs WILL BE KILLED if they are not rescued from SPCA-LA, and FAST. SPCA-LA claims that some of the dogs are in foster homes, and if so, they too need to be rescued immediately or they will be taken back to SPCA-LA and killed too. SPCA-LA is not the benevolent, benign organization that people believe it to be from the PR. The truth is just the opposite, as many rescuers have discovered.

These dogs are super sweet and adoptable. They may be scared, they have been locked up all this time with no socialization. But they are very friendly and loving, and nearly all of them get along wonderfully with other dogs. There is one set of sisters, and there is one very bonded pair of friends, so it would be good to adopt those in pairs. But most important is that all the dogs get out alive. It may be a struggle to get SPCA-LA to give them to you, but please persist. Do not be assured by their false promises, the dogs must get out as soon as released, or they are DEAD.

It would be tragic for these dogs to be killed, they nearly lost their lives when they were in the shelter before Ms. Blakely rescued them from South LA and North Central shelters. Now these poor dogs have been imprisoned for over a year at SPCA-LA, and they are facing death again. They need to be rescued again, and placed into good, permanent homes. Ms. Blakely is powerless to save them, the SPCA won't let her, even if they were to go into boarding, and adopted out by a rescue group. She is devastated that her beloved babies are to be killed, and she can only beg people to get them out alive from SPCA-LA before it's too late.

The dogs were taken after the raid to the SPCA-LA facility in Hawthorne, but they may be elsewhere now. SPCA-LA in Hawthorne is at 12910 Yukon Ave., Hawthorne, CA 90250. That facility is located about 10 blocks east of Hawthorne Blvd., and it is the first building south of El Segundo Blvd. Phone: (310) 676-1149. (The administrative office is at 5026 W. Jefferson Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90016, near La Brea. Phone: (888) SPCA-LA1.)

This is a complete list of Ms. Blakely's 17 dogs, with descriptions. Her digital camera was also seized, along with her computer, which contained photos of all her dogs. So the photos here are not actual images of her dogs, but they are similar, and they will give you an idea what her dogs look like.

1) Little Bug is a very cute, very small, chocolate Staffie. He only weighs about 30 lbs., very compact, and he’s about 4 years old. He’s very loving, affectionate, and friendly to people, though may be a bit defensive with strangers, and may not be good with all other dogs, though he was best friends with Mary.

2) Mary is a very pretty brindle Staffie, a gazelle-like beauty who is streamlined, with long legs. She is about 3 years old, and very friendly, submissive, and gentle with people, and she may or may not be good with other dogs, though she was best friends with Little Bug.

3) Viola is the cutest, tiniest little red Staffie. She weighs only about 25 lbs., and she’s about 3 years old. She’s very sweet, affectionate, and friendly with people, yet she was a bit cranky around other dogs when food when food was present, but then she mellowed out and has been great with other dogs.

4) Shadow is a really shiny, gorgeous solid black German Shepherd, who may be part Black Lab. He’s about 3 years old, and lithe and elegant. He’s great with other dogs and very friendly, submissive, and gentle with people. One of his rear paws seems to have been broken, he favors it a bit but does not seem to be pained or debilitated by it.

5) Taffy is a very unique looking lady. She has very pretty chocolate and tan coloring, and distinctive facial features. She seems to be Shepherd/Lab, and a beautiful dog. She is very friendly and affectionate, submissive with people, and has gotten along wonderfully with other dogs. She’s very cute, gentle, and loving to all.

6) Celeste is a gorgeous black and tan Dobie/Shepherd. She’s about 4 years old, with a docked tail, and dainty features. She’s the most obedient, submissive, affectionate, gentle soul, and she loves to sleep with her head on your shoulder. She’s a bit shy around strangers, a sensitive gal, and she gets along with other dogs, not a mean bone in her body.

7) Cheetah is a stunning apricot Chow, fluffy and dainty. She’s about 5 years old, and has a pink tongue. She is very sensitive, gentle, submissive and great with other dogs. She’s friendly with other people, with the typical Chow calm and reserve. She has cataracts on her eyes, so she may be blind, and she has had seizures a few times, when stressed, but seems to be fine.

8) Princess is a pure, classic Black Lab, with very soft fur, long ears, and she’s very gorgeous. She’s about 3 years old, and she’s very gentle, submissive, affectionate, very sweet and friendly to all people and all dogs, she has the typical loving, happy Lab personality, a total sweetheart.

9) Blondie is a beautiful, petite, Shepherd with creamy light tan fur and stand up ears. She’s about 6 years old, and she’s very compact, probably no more than 40 lbs. She’s about 6 years old, and she’s very friendly with people, affectionate and energetic, a sweet, calm dog, great with other dogs too.

10) Alex is a gorgeous German Shepherd, probably pure, with classic black and tan coloring. He’s about 4 years old, very smart, and very active. He’s an escape artist, but stays close to home. He’s very friendly with people, gentle, and great with other dogs, and he has the typical Shepherd protectiveness toward his home, his bark may seem intimidating but he’s harmless.

11) Angel is a sweet, beautiful, dainty, elegant Dobie/Rottie/Shepherd, with classic black and tan coloring. She may be around 6 or 7 years old, and in great shape. She’s energetic yet calm, very friendly and well behaved, affectionate and loving. She’s a submissive, gentle gal, wonderful with people and great with other dogs.

12) Ella is a Black Lab, very pretty and cuddly. She’s probably about 6 or 7 years old, and she has a healthy appetite. She’s in great shape, though she has a growth on her side, which doesn’t seem to affect her, but perhaps should be looked into. She’s great with other dogs, energetic, loving, and friendly with people.

13) Malcolm is a classic, pure German Shepherd. He’s a senior boy, and he may be 11 or 12 years old. He may be older, but he’s active and spry. He’s calm and well behaved, though sad because he lost his long time owner. He’s great with other dogs, very friendly with people, loving and affectionate.

14) Mitzi is an adorable, dainty brindle Shepherd, maybe part Dutch Shepherd, part Lab. She’s about 2 years old, and she’s a small medium size, long legs. She’s a total sweetheart, very friendly and submissive, affectionate, great with people and with other dogs. She’s best friends with Lilly, and the two are very bonded and love to play and cuddle with each other.

15) Lilly is the cutest, dainty little Black Lab, so soft and beautiful. She’s about 2 years old, and she’s a small medium size. She’s very submissive, sensitive, and gentle, affectionate, a little lovebug who is wonderful with people, and with other dogs. She’s best friends with Mitzi, and the two are very bonded and love to play and cuddle with each other.

16) Sally is a beautiful, medium small Shepherd, may be mixed with a bit of Lab. She has unique, elegant smoke coloring, dainty features, soft fur, long legs. She’s now about 2 years old, very friendly, very pretty. She’s great with people and other dogs, and she has a cute habit of wrinkling her nose in a smile when she’s happy. She’s the submissive sister of Shirley, affectionate, loving.

17) Shirley is a very pretty medium sized Shepherd, with maybe a bit of Lab. She is the sister of Sally, and Shirley is a bit bigger than Sally. Shirley is 2 years old, and has long legs, and beautiful, unique smoke coloring. Shirley is more dominant than Sally, but these two sisters love each other and are very bonded. Shirley is very friendly with humans, great with other dogs.


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I hope all of Ms. Blakely's dogs are re-homed, but you should be aware that she is a very unstable and dishonest person. Beware!