Blumenfield for Assembly

I got two attack fliers from Bob Blumenfield's campaign a few days ago. Almost automatically I felt like voting for Waldman. his chief opponent. Then I looked at their endorsers. Blumenfield had one from an animal sanctuary.

I emailed him asking for more info and he sent me an email, which I will post again later, that Waldman was a big time opponent of AB 1634 and got a lot of breeder money.

I decided unless Waldman himself owned an animal sanctuary, I'd promote Blumenfield, since I am a one-issue guy, but I asked one last question:

O.K. Bob, Waldman sucks, but what about you? Waldman obviously sucks, but what have you done for the animals or do you even
own some?

Blumenfield Replied:


I had a cat for many years and my wife and I are planning on getting a dog (rescue) for our family when our daughter turns four. Working for Congressman Berman I have helped insure that he cosponsor legislation such as the Animal Fighting Prohibition Enforcement Act of 2007.

I am committed to Spay and Neuter legislation and other animal welfare laws.

I do not have nearly the record and experience with animal welfare issues that I do with environmental and other issues, but I have an interest and inclination to be a good legislator when it comes to these issues.

Take care.

- Bob

May I suggest we might have an animal friendly assemblyman here to replace Levine? I think this is something to look into, and possibly give him some support in the fall, as he is the leading contender. Of course if he beats Waldman, he won't need our help because the Valley is overwhelmingly Democratic.

Remember though, the last time the animal community met to support a candidate they voted for Walter Moore, who had no chance, but also resulted in Villaraigosa giving us the finger as often as possible.

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Anonymous said...

Recommend you read the Waldman webpage; he has been a long term care giver for abused animals; over 10 years I believe and for multiple dogs