City Attorney Demands Madow to Commit Animal Neglect and Abandonment

It came to me that when Animal Services or the City Attorney demands that anyone reduce the number of cats (or dogs) under his/her care by stopping feeding them, providing water or shelter, they are actually demanding that you commit criminal acts of animal abandonment and animal neglect, chargeable either as a misdemeanor or felony, in order to comply with a mere City permit ordinance.

In the Madow case, the Hearing Officer is demanding Madow to abandon his animals so they can wander off and die, in order to comply with City Ordinance 5150, which requires a kennel permit which the department refuses to give out, and to placate a complaining neighbor. The neighbor appears to be the felon, not Madow.

Lavato's demand is essentially to kill the cats by starvation, being hit by cars whike searching for food, and allowing complaining neighbors kill them.

My God, there is only one response to this kind of demand to commit a criminal act far more atrocious than violation of the kennel permit ordinance.

I urge that each of you who feels under threat of AS or CA demands to abandon and neglect animals, just refuse to comply and take the consequences.

Feed them and give them water, just not openly on the front law. Don't bait them. But no more.

Ron Mason and I are going to meet with Marc to access his situation and plan what can be done. Fortunateley, Marc has an international blog with a following all over the world. The whole world will watch this case as it unfolds.


Anonymous said...

How old was this hearing officer, Ben Lovato?

Google the name and there is a Ben Lovato who used to be an LAPD detective who got sued by the ACLU for threatening to kill someone in 1983.

One would like to think Rocky Delgadillo's office wouldn't hire someone like that, but we know too much about L.A. government to think unprofessionalism, pathological behavior and rank incompetence would stop you from getting hired. If it's the same guy he certainly still likes to bully people and deny them their rights.

Too bad Mark Madow wasn't just driving City cars without authorization, insurance or a valid driver's license. The he could have skated, just like Rocky Delgadillo's wife did...

Anonymous said...

If you feed an animal or care for it in any way, it's legally considered yours. So if you feed 20 feral cats, they are yours. If you stop feeding them, that would be abandoning them. That is also a crime. It's a crime to feed them, a crime to not feed them. You can't have or care for over three cats in the city. Messed up. However will Boks get his TNR passed when it's illegal for anyone to care for more than three cats without a kennel permit which you cannot get in a residential neighborhood.

Kelley said...

I called Ben Lavato by way of the City Attorney's office at (213) 978-8100.

They supposedly put me through to his number but it rang and rang and there was no answer.

I also contacted ACA to see if anyone there will help move these cats.

Anonymous said...

My apologies, I meant to say "Too bad Mark Madow wasn't just driving AND CRASHING City cars without authorization, insurance or a valid driver's license. The he could have skated, just like Rocky Delgadillo's wife did..."

Kind of inspiring to know that Rocky Delgadillo is so devoted to wiping out crime, when he isn't related to the criminals -- and so long as it isn't SCARY crime like gangs, or store owners getting shot.

Rocky Delgadillo: he'll protect you from kitty cats.

Good slogan, Rock. Good luck in your future career...(snort!)

Anonymous said...

I am glad I found this blog and look forward to reading more about the Madow "case".