Increased Impounds Are Not Related to Foreclosures

Despite Ed Boks recent statement that foreclosures are driving up Animal Services impound numbers and the euth rate, that conclusion is almost certainly wrong.

Our fantastic pool of number crunchers are crunching numbers. It appears that foreclosures are a negligible contributor to increased impounds.

Also, the largest increase in impounds is for kittens and puppies, which would be independent of foreclosures, but much more likely related to the refusal of kittens by Animal Services between May and October of last year.

When I get the real numbers, this post will come down and the more careful analysis will go up.

The conclusion then would be Boks' policy on refusing kittens last year caused the large increase in impounds this year.

Get it, Boks always finds someone else to blame but himself; this time it was the economy. Maybe next he'll blame Saturn in Leo as the cause.

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Ed Muzika said...

WEll, someone tried to drop off a kitten in a trap last night at the West Los Angeles Animal Care Center and it was refused.

The shelter told the people who brought the kitten in a trap that they couldn't take the kitten because it was feral (kitten had been thrashing around in the trap).

The receiving clerk also told the person who brought the kitten in a trap that he needed a permit to trap, so the kitten was turned away, and the person trying to relinquish the kitten was told to "Put it back."

Trap--Return. It was too young to neuter, and the shelter was already overwhelmed with kittens.

The only solution was to dump the kitten back where it was found.

No one likes dead unweaned kittens in a shelter who cannot find either foster homes, or space and people to give it the care the unweaned kitten requires.