Boks Cuts Budget, But Raises His Own Salary

This was sent to me as a general post from the ADL. I have not checked the accuracy of this information or the budget cut numbers, such as a 10% cut in food supplied to the animals, or the proposed $20,000 increase in Boks salary. I do know that over a year ago, Chief Veterinarian, Steve Feldman, insisted that animals in the shelter be fed a higher grade of food. Guess that is going away. Let them eat cake.

This is the ADL post:

Ed Boks gives himself a raise while cutting back the adoption hours for homeless and lost animals in Los Angeles!

For the past two years ADL-LA - as well as experts in the field of humane shelter management - have stated that Ed Boks is a charlatan, fraud, incompetent and liar. Even though we have received thousands of e-mails expressing outrage and recounting hair-raising personal stories regarding Boks, your voices have not reached the powers who can force the Mayor to honor his pledge to bring No Kill Solutions on as a consultant in tandem with a new General Manager to stop the slaughter of precious animals inside our LA municipal shelters.

We have now confirmed that the number of Los Angeles Animal Services (LAAS) shelter system murders have increased over 24% in the first quarter of this year - and, lest you think the situation couldn't get any worse, it has! ADL-LA has just received confirmation that Antonio Villaraigosa and Ed Boks have cut back on the LAAS budget for the years 2008-2009.

Below are some of the most critical areas:

Boks has eliminated some of the most important shelter hours - and the ONLY hours working people have - to adopt or find missing pets. Boks has closed the shelter to the public every weekday morning and evening.

Boks has shelved the opening of the fully completed North East Shelter (at a cost to the taxpayers of over twenty-five million dollars) and will use it instead to imprison evidence animals, who are already imprisoned at the South Central annex! Under a competent General Manager, a foster care program would have been implemented years ago for these poor animals. An attorney, who wrote up a detailed plan that would have cost the city nothing, and who was willing to set up the entire foster care program for evidence animals in 2006 for free, was brushed off by Bok's office.

Boks is going to cut animal food disbursement by 10%. (Well, gee! This way the hungry animals will have LESS food to fight over! Right?)

Boks is offering work furloughs and incentives to employees to take more time off!

Boks is going to HIRE A SECOND ASSISTANT GENERAL MANAGER along with the one he already has and then give each of them - along with Boks himself- A TWENTY-THOUSAND-DOLLAR ANNUAL RAISE!

You think we're off our rockers on that one, huh? We wish it were so! As it currently stands, not only is Boks requesting from the Mayor - and obtaining - a SECOND Assistant General Manager (there have never been two AGM’s in the history of our shelter system until Boks was appointed), but Boks is also increasing their salaries from one hundred thirty thousand to one hundred fifty thousand dollars per year! This is a cost to the taxpayers of THREE HUNDRED GRAND PER YEAR to do Boks’ work while he continues blogging, boozing, sexually harassing subordinates AND slaughtering animals by the thousands.

And if THAT’s not enough, Boks is demanding that he too get another twenty thousand per year - thus making his annual blood money earnings total one hundred eighty-five thousand dollars!

LAAS already has ONE incompetent AGM in Linda Barth, but now the City is hiring another one during a budget crunch in which Ed Boks is cutting back adoption hours for the animals.

No wonder Boks was asked to leave as Shelter Manager at the Maricopa, AZ facility and then fired from his General Manager position in New York City!

How much longer are we going to sit back and watch animals being slaughtered because of a sadistic fraud like Ed Boks? How much longer are we going to accept the LAAS Commissioners' failure to oppose the ludicrous demands of this Hitler of animals because they are afraid to lose their Commission seats? The Commissioners - including their legal advisor and worthless fecal lump, Dov Lessel - are allowing the murder of innocent animals to take place right under their noses without so much as a whimper of protest. These decrepit Nazis may not be holding down the animals as they shake in terror and pull away frantically from the fatal poison being injected into their bodies, but they supervise, oversee, and enable those who do and thus have as much blood dripping from their hands as the actual killers.

How long are we going to stand by and just watch as animals are picked up from the "shelters" by City garbage trucks and their corpses hauled off to a disposal plant because the Mayor and his staff aren’t capable of or interested in doing the ethical, moral and simple tasks needed to get this city on the road to No Kill?

Do you realize that hiring an expert like No Kill Solutions and a competent General Manager would save tens of thousands of animal lives AND tax dollars during this budget crunch? Not only would we need just ONE AGM rather than two to do Ed Boks' work for him, but also the new General Manager and AGM could be given reasonable salaries instead of the obscene amounts of compensation Boks and his assistants are getting for doing NOTHING but killing animals!

As one employee stated to us the other day, “This is the worst corruption I’ve seen at the shelter in the five years I’ve worked here. Sociopath Mr. Boks comes in and gets away with murder. The rescue and welfare groups have to begin to take their own shelter system back from the hellish control of Boks cause if they don't, the animals will continue to be slaughtered here everyday.”


Anonymous said...

Maybe you should verify claims like this before you give them credibility by re-posting them with mis-leading headlines.

Anyone who gives ADL a platform (and at other times provides them with source material) really needs to think long and hard about whether they are doing the animals a favor.

Ed Muzika said...

Which claim are you talking about? There are many here.

How do you propose that I verify and claims? Do I ask Boks and he tells me? Do I ask Linda Barth or Jim Bickhart?

To get much information out of Animal Services requires a request for public documents.

If I post something that is not true, they, or you can tell me your side of the story. I have offered to do this in the past, and I have often posted comments that said I was wrong about money, statistics etc.