Daily News and ADL Get Boks' and Barth's Salaries Wrong

The Salaries posted by the Daily News and ADL for Linda Barth and Ed Boks are wrong.

They reported Linda was making $154,000 and Ed $152,000.

In fact, the official salary range listed for the Assistant GM is $124 K to $154 K. They mistakenly (???) put her salary at the top of the range—maybe, maybe not. Anyone have the true numbers? It is estimated that her current salary is actually around $135,000.

The Daily News lists Boks as making $152 K, when in fact he is making, according to the City, $168,961. $152 K is the listed bottom of the range for the Animal Services GM. If Boks were getting a $20,000 raise to $189,000, that would place him near the top of the range for LAAS GM.

The correction information was sent to me by Sue Freeman.

The official LA City Personnel salary listings are found at:


In any event, the comment holds that while the animals get 10% less food, Boks gets a 12% raise. LAAS employees are getting laid off and the GM and A GM are getting fat raises. Go figure.



Anonymous said...

I think the Daily News figures are their salaries last year. It's not current salary.

Anonymous said...

I learned what Boks' salary was FROM ADL picketers a few months ago. How could they be yelling then that he made 165K (a figure I once gave the Mayor's office a chance to dispute, and they didn't) and now be saying he makes 150-something?

BTW, how much must it suck for Boks when a bunch of people are yelling on his block his exact salary (which his neighbors are paying...) AND his exact address?

Maybe he should join Federal Witless Protection...