ADL Menaced By Armed Neighbors of Mayor Aid

ADL, while picketing Daniel Grunfeld, who they claim is Villaraigosa's second in command, were menaced by two neighbors who brandished loaded weapons and threatened picketers.

Police detained the picketers and did nothing to the armed moron above and the other handgun armed moron at this link below.

Guess what would have happened to the picketers if they brandished loaded firearms?

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Anonymous said...

You 8-10 (lol-nice turnout) assholes wrote Fuck Ed Boks on someone's sidewalk and you think this is okay? I doubt you can hold David responsible for what his neighbors did and I guarantee you if some crazy protesters came to my neighborhood, the same thing might very well happen. The ADLLA deserves nothing but grief. You give all animal-rights activists a bad name.