Jonestown Style Kool Aid Party

We should have done this eight years ago, but I suggest that we begin organizing a Jonestown style Kool Aid party if McCain and Palin win.

Polls now indicate not only do they have a good chance of winning, but the Republicans may save 10 or more Senate seats they had already conceded as lost.

I would also mention that Obama's site and platform mention NOTHING about animals except for supporting hunters' rights to hunt.

Last chance folks. Last chance for you to be heard before the axe falls. If we do not make an effort to be heard now to support the lesser of two evils (when it comes to animal rights and welfare), it will be many years before we are heard.

Mayor Tony has no problem ignoring us, employees, the unions, and the public when it comes to getting rid of Boks. That is how we are now and will be treated nationally.

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