Partial Transcript of Public Comment Today With Council Response

Victor Gordo addressed the Council and stated that resources are an issue. There are 2 or 3 officers for North Central, 1 to 2 for South Central, 1 for Harbor, 1 for West Valley, and 1 to 2 for East Valley. He mentioned Laura Chick's audit, lack of food and proper medical care at the shelters, and the lack of a viable adoption program. The organization at the shelter is in chaos.

Angela Hooks, an Animal Control Officer with the Department of Animal Services, spoke next. She read a letter from someone that indicated they were not there to read the letter themselves because they are concerned that Boks will retaliate. She continues by describing Boks as "smooth talking" but not capable of implementing No-Kill. She addresses the fact that there are six (6) spay/neuter clinics and they are not using ANY of these clinics. Why? Boks continues to make false promises, refuses owner surrenders (with limited shelter hours of operation), and recklessly continues to blog posts that the City attorney has had to request for removal. There is no accountability at the shelters. She informed the Council that Boks blames City Council for their bad budget as a major problem at the shelters rather than accepting responsibility.

Stacey Dancy, an East Valley employee, said she represented the rescue community (I saw her say on the video she representted the volunteers)

She indicated that there would have been more people at today's meeting. However, many people have chosen not to attend for fear of retribution by Ed Boks. She stated that Boks is not concerned about "being good" but rather more concerned about "looking good." He continues to make false claims of success, continues warehousing animals, and is not on the right path. Boks and Barth have not found solutions.

Laura Beth Heisen spoke next. She is a government attorney. She stated that "We are united and we are standing together." She addressed budget issues, the $19mil shelter that was built but is "still" not open, the six (6) spay/neuter clinics that sit unused, the two (2) recent audits by Laura Chick that indicate the horrible situation at shelters. She also mentioned Boks' promotion of his Hooters campaign and the Painted Elephant fiasco. Heisen addressed the liability of Boks' "pit bull academy" and informed that Boks blames others for his lack of results. She continues by advising that euthanasia is up.

Phyllis Daugherty came to the podium to inform that "The employes here today at the hearing are not asking for their jobs. They are here from their hearts." She indicated that Boks was hired "to make the City look good as if it is No-Kill." She stated that you can't keep fight-trained dogs in the same cages with goldens and other breeds. Additionally, old and ill dogs that are brought to the shelter to be put down are actually held and, therefore, are suffering longer. She pointed out to Council that the best management team is the shelter workers themselves and they are not being listened to by the City. She concludes by stating that "We could have the finest animal control in the country. Not No-Kill but more humane for the animals and for the employees."

Next, several Council members then spoke in response to public comments made today.

Council Member Zine rose to state that they "hear" the people that are there today. He is going to recommend that this matter goes to the Personnel Committee for a full public hearing. Additionally, "if" there is any retaliation occurring, he requests that it be reported to him and to his Committee immediately.

Alarcon commended the employees for stepping forward. He wanted to assure everyone present that he will work with Zine and Cardenas with the goal of establishing No-Kill in the City.

Rosendahl seconded Zine's motion. He said "Bless you for coming forward today" and then informed everyone present that he is an animal lover and just got a couple of shelter kittens recently.

Cardenas also rose to thank everyone for coming forward and stated that he is on the Personnel Committee and looks forward to hearing all sides of the matter.

Greuel informed everyone that "We are listening" and she hopes to improve conditions and face the challenges.

Garcetti advised that Zine will introduce a motion and they will let everyone know when the matter is on the Personnel Committee.

After Garcetti spoke, there was another woman (at the Van Nuys location) that addressed the Council. Her name is Lisa Goldberg. She discussed a horrendous animal cruelty complaint that had been reported recently. She then informed Council that Boks never conducted any investigation and even returned the rescuer's New Hope license to her. She informed that Greuel has the complete package of information on this complaint for others to view.

Stacy Dancey represents the recue community? Why not say she represent Pierce College where she is a student, or is a LAAS employee?


Anonymous said...

Stacey Dancy represents the rescue community.
Uhh ... no.
She indicated that there would have been more people at today's meeting. However, many people have chosen not to attend for fear of retribution by Ed Boks.
So? Anonymity = deception, therefore those comments should be disregarded by the Council. And so they shall be.
Stacy Dancey represents the recue community? Why not say she represent Pierce College where she is a student, or is a LAAS employee?
Rebranding, perhaps?

Ed Muzika said...

Stacey could mean she represents the volunteers she works with who won't speak out, or else she is trying to make a case that anything Boks does to her about her involvement with Pierce and the ACTF is a repraisal for appearing before Council.

Anonymous said...

before you embrace those well-paid complaining city workers, just remember they want to kill half the anmals so they don't have to clean up after them and get back to their TV shows, computer games or personal phone calls on city time and phone bill.