YouTube Video of Employee Complaint Against Boks



Anonymous said...

Okay, I watched your YouTube video. Do animal "rights" activists ever do anything besides complain and demand the resignation or firing of the current animal services general manager(s)?

When do you actually help animals?

Ed Muzika said...

Did you actually watch the video.

The complainants were not animal "rights" activists, but volunteers, employees and rescuers all of whom have day to day contact the the actual impound, caring and adoptions of animals.

There were no "rightists" there.

I was not there, ADL was not there. These were hands on the animals people.

Didn't you see that? Didn't you watch that?

The "rightists," rescuers, employees and volunteers have complained about the last four GMs (I only 3) because change for the better has only been nominal or non-existent. If we were satisfied with the status quo, we would not have complained.

Acctually, if we compare the numbers, the last two GMs performed better in dropping the euth and increasing the live save rates than Ed.

Stuckey was appointed after Greenwalt resigned by Mayor Hahn who deliberately did not include the animal community in the decision process because he was angry with the LA community. Stucky had no animal sheltering experience whatsoever. He was a community organizer out of Rockport or something like that, Maryland.

Boks was also foisted on us by Mayor Tony, again with no input and despite an almost universal demand by the animal community that Nathan Winograd come in to consult.

Winograd consults have turned high kill shelters into moderate kill, and moderate kill shelters into low or no kill shelters within months or a year.

San Francisco has a combined live save of 86% and has been in this class for 5 years.

Reno went from moderate or low kill to no kill in a year.

Philly went from 12% save to 60% save in 2.5 years.

Boks has been here for over 2-1/2 years and the live save is about the same and is now declining.

Why should we not demand better?

LAAS has one of the largest and best financed shelter systems in the country, with all new or renovated shelters, yet the kill rate is no better than Philadelphia, that went from 88% kill three years ago, to essentially our kill rate of 40+%, with 46 instead of 400 employees, and one shelter instead of seven, and a budget of $4,000,000 instead of $19,000,000.

LA has far greater resources that Philly, but they came and passed us with a fraction of our resources.

Therefore, we deserve better. LA after making this enormous committment deserves better.

In the case of LA, it is strictly the failure of leadership and incompetence by and of Ed Boks that improvement has not happened on his watch.

Each of us out here has a voice and a way of helping animals. Some do rescues, some volunteer, some do TNR, some are employees, and some report and bitch as do I am a few "rightists."

But even we "rightists" are alse engaged in helping the animals in other ways such as TNR, volunteering, etc.

But, someone has to keep Boks' feet to the fire, or do you suggest we give him anything he wants, anytime he wants it? Unquestioned loyalty. Where is the accountability in that?

Actually, you seem to be asking everyone to just do what Boks wants us to do and that will save lives.

If, instead of just being a newby, you would read the 700 posts on this site so you are not merely repeating charges that all new Boks supporters make, then your critiques may have more value.

But you are making very general critiques of the critics without really understanding the history here and you don't seem to be willing to discover the history before passing judgment.