All About Sarah Palin

I once thought that if we had to have a Republican president, McCain would have been better than Bush.

I have changed my mind. There has been a quantum leap in his lying recently, and then, just for the sake of becoming president, he chooses Palin to be the V.P., with a good chance of becoming the president.` He knows Palin has no business even visiting Washignton, let alone working in the White House.

Palin is worse than even cynical I thought. Take a look at this link and then email everyone, everyone you know, especially in Ohio, Colorado and the forsaken states in the middle of our country, about Palin.

Look at the photo of her parents (if not made up) in their home with the walls covered with dead animals. Take a look at her "barbarian" friends who think they are Leaf Erickson and Thor.

It is obvious the photo was made in fun, but if you read about Palin and her friends, you realize this is who they truly think thay are.
These people are right out of 6th Century Viking comic books.

Be afraid; be very afraid.

Maybe we can emigrate to Canada or Ireland, or France, or...

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