Rich Mc Lellan on Paul Koretz

In the past, The League of Humane Voters has never asked for you to donate to the organization. Then as now, we have always asked you to write checks directly to animal friendly candidates who are running for office.

It is as clear as today’s news that elections make a tremendous difference in what happens as regards policy for the next four years. Money you donate today, if permitting the election of an animal friend, reverberates for good for an entire term of office. It permits full time staff paid for by the taxpayers to work on our issues and to frame our arguments. It gives us all a door and a voice in decision making. Our powerful opponents donate before elections for very simple reasons. It is effective in getting them what they want.

There is a committed advocate of the animals with a history going back of more that 20 years, first in West Hollywood and then in Sacramento, of writing and passing animal friendly legislation. And yet his lack of adequate money today may make it more difficult for him to win for the Los Angeles City Council next March. His name is Paul Koretz and he has an animal friendly resume that covers the prohibition of cat declawing to attempts to mandate spay and neuter of all pets sold in by pet stores.

I am asking everyone who receives this letter to dip into your bank account before the 30th of September and write a check to Paul Koretz for City Council. Small checks are as important as large ones. You can send that check directly to me (834 ¼ Tularosa Dr. LA 90026) or you can send it directly to Paul at (107 Kings Rd. LA CA 90048) . The advantage of sending it to me is that when I forward any checks I receive as a “bundle”, Paul he knows it comes from people looking for him to advance protections for the animals of Los Angeles. If you send it to me, it must arrive by September 29th so I can forward it on the 30th when it must be reported by his campaign. To lose an experienced legislator because he did not have enough early funds to garner other donors from outside our community would be a tragedy. Paul has stood up, often to ridicule on behalf of the animals. Now it is out turn to stand up for him.

There are times when donations I have made and time I have spent in campaigns has had disappointing results--that is not true of the support I have given Paul. His door has always been open to our ideas and our goals.

This is early, this seems inconsequential, when we are working so hard to pass Prop. 2 and make an impact upon a national election. But, believe me. There is nothing that you can do in the next four years that will have as big an impact on the lives of the dogs and cats inLos Angeles as helping elect Paul Koretz to City Council . The department, spay neuter programs, TNR, the LA Zoo, budget monies all are the purview of the LA City Council.

Our weak representation as players has often given us disappointing results. When we have had success in the past it has been because we have connected with members of the City Council. These are serious times that require wise, frugal and efficient decisions. Please give what you can. The maximum is $500 per person. There is no minimum.

Rich Mc Lellan MD,
League of Humane Voters
California Chapter

Paul’s website is

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