Paul Koretz for Council

I think we have found the LA animal community dream politician for Council then Mayor.

I recently received and email from Rich McClellan and Mike Bell supporting Paul Koretz for Council’s 5th District. I emailed Paul as follows:

1. I am an animal rescuer and rights activist. I am a single issue guy when it comes to Council--getting our shelters to No-Kill and getting rid of the current GM, Ed Boks, who is failing miserably.

Rich McClellan has recommended you as well--I see- as my friends Ken Genser and Kevin McKeown. Therefore I know you are a solid Democrat.

Let me ask you. Do you have any pets? How have you supported animals either at the state or City level previously? What is your view--if you know about it--the concept of no-kill shelters? With the resources LA gives the shelters, we should have done it last year--or close, yet it is slipping away. Can you make getting LA to no kill a campaign priority?

Most politicians shy away from this sort of commitment when on campaign > for fear of being branded as an animal nut, or some such.

Council Candidate Paul Koretz’s Response:

I have been branded as an animal nut for many years--my supporters back me either because of it or in spite it. I'll attach a list of some of the things I've done over last 20 years or so for animals. I have two rescue cats currently.I tried to create a no-kill shelter for Beverly Hills/West Hollywood. I got elected to the State Assembly and left the West Hollywood City Council-- I may have been able to make it happen otherwise. I certainly would lead the charge in Los Angeles.

The Council has already done some good things without anyone who really cares deeply about animals, like the spay/neuter ordinance. Imagine if they had someone who was really focused on animal issues.

I have represented half the Council District in the State Legislature, so I have a slight advantage of name identification. And I have several strong constituencies, like labor unions and environmentalists. But I have several opponents who are better financed and better-connected in the district's large Jewish community. This election may be close enough that if the animal welfare community raised money for me, spread the word to their friends (both those who care about animals and those that don't) and put together lists of pro-animal people in the district to mail to about my background, that could easily be the difference.

There have been very few elections where the animal vote decided the election. This could easily be the one.Anything you could do to help would be greatly appreciated.

Me Again:

I have not finished checking Paul out, but he appears to be exactly who the animal community needs to champion our interests and those of the animals. In the next post I will post a list of his background and animal related activities. It is quite impressive.

People, this appears to be your chance to back a highly animal friendly candidate for Council. Not that we don’t have animal friendly Councilmembers already, such as Cardenas, Zine and Rosendahl, but it appears in Koretz we may have a super champion.

Paul KoretzCandidate, LA City Council 5th District323-966-5942Please visit my website:


Anonymous said...

Except he supports the council's decision on the spay/neuter ordinance...

It's important to get politicians in office that care about animal issues, but, especially in LA, getting some AR nut in there that supports bad policy won't help...

If he supports No Kill, maybe he can be reasoned with?

Anonymous said...

Naturally Koretz supports Spay & Neuter, every sane human does.
HOWEVER, most people profess to love animals while they merely love pets . Beware .

Ed Muzika said...


Do you know something we don't know?