No Vet Tech Program in Phoenix

Communication between Anthem/High Tech and myself re Vet Tech Program in Phoenix--It is disappearing. No wonder no one wanted to talk to me.


Thank you for contacting High-Tech Institute. Your email was forwarded to an HTI staff member and answered below. If you need additional information about the Schools and Colleges of High-Tech Institute, please visit us online at For enrollment information, you may phone us toll-free at: 1-866-502-2627, and speak to a representative from our Admissions Department.

I understand you have a veterinary technology program, but I caanot find any information on your website.

I also called 602 279-9700 and was told no literature was available, nor the names of instructors or of clases.

I was told to leave my name and someone would contact me.

I asked for specifics about the program and was told you were not enrolling and therefore there was nothing to tell me.

I am quite confused therefore about the overview of the program you are offering. It is not listed on your website.

Dear Ed,

I received your email request from our Website. At this time we are no longer enrolling into our Veterinary Technology Program, that is why no information is available.

Kit Bigelow,
High-Tech Institute, Inc


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Anonymous said...

So Jeremy lied on his resume, just like Boks.

"For the past 2 years, Dr. Prupas served as Program Director for Anthem College School of Veterinary Technology in Phoenix, AZ, where he took over a troubled program and successfully guided it through AVMA accreditation."

The above quote makes it seem that Jeremy turned around a troubled program and made them an accredited teaching institution. The press release makes it sound like he left Anthem after being successful. It sounds like he didn't really help their vet tech program then he left, maybe was even fired and they ended the program. I wouldn't call that a "turn around." I guess he's just like Boks "leaving NY on good terms" instead of the truth that he was actually fired.