CDOC Suing City Re The Spay/Neuter Ordinance

On September 9th, attorneys acting for Concerned Dog Owners of California and funded through CDOC ACTION filed for a preliminary injunction against the City of Los Angeles asking that the City be enjoined from Enforcing any and all provisions of Los Angeles City Ordinance mandating the spay/neuter of any and all owned dogs and cats within Los Angeles City.

CDOC is suing the City of Los Angeles in Superior Court. In its filing the brief points out that the City Controller's own numbers, which assumes a much lower rate of dog ownership than the national average, says there are 500,000 unlicensed dogs in Los Angeles which would be subject to immediate sterilization on 10/1/08. Animal Services own records show that in 2007 there were 580 adoptable dogs euthanized in the City of Los Angeles, a city of 3,800,000 people. While we are all working toward a time when no adoptable dogs are euthanized, that number hardly justifies the wholesale sterilization of the dogs in the City of Los Angeles.

CDOC are using Ed's own words about so few adoptable dogs being euthanized, they are claiming the ordinance is too sweeping when essentially there is no problem.

Good going Ed. Unintended consequences of spin.

The hearing will be on Thursday, October 2.


Anonymous said...

These CDOC members are mostly dog breeders. If they are legit, they can get a breeder's license and continue to raise purebred puppies. What whiners!

They should all be required to spend time at the shelters so they get a reality check on the real pet overpopulation situation.

What happened at the hearing?

Ed Muzika said...

I agree. They do not even touch on how the ordinance would impact the death rate of cats.