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Of course you have noticed all the cat photos on the right.

I do a lot of pet and animal photography. I have thousands of photos of Meerkats, pelicans, coyotes, tigers, deer, elk, fish, egrets, etc., but especially of cats, from my own, to neighbors, rescues and ferals.

Dog pet photos are easier because dogs pose better. Candid shots of dogs require more time, because they take more time before they ignore the photographer and become themselves.

Cats are harder, because although you can get them to pose to a degree, much more depends on setting the environment, the lighting and fabric/background for colors, and so much depends on how the cat moves, sleeps or yawns, which requires time. Cats are far more photogenic when not posed.

I photograph political events and politicians too. Politicians are easy to photograph because they are always posing even when they think no one is watching.

Digital is fine, especially if you have a quality digital SLR camera, but film is better generally for the color and higher definition. The film used too is important for color and resolution.

Some of my rescue cat photos cat be found in the slideshow at:

You don't want to use a highly saturated film like one would use for nature shots, nor film designed for human color portraits that are designed for skin tones.

A fast lens helps too because you can leave the background and foreground unfocused while leaving the eyes and face sharp, giving the photo a 3-D look.

All in all, pet photography is an art form like any other visual expression.

I just developed a two-year old roll of film and found some wonderful kitten photos.

Sleepy Kali

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