From a No-Kill Consultant Re Boks

I am dismayed by the total blinders that Ed is using to focus his efforts to achieve no kill. He does not see or care about the offers of effort and expertise by contributers who are waiting to help him in the L.A. community. He seems to be doing work within a fear management style. Not trusting anyone. My contacts with him have been stopped, by him, so I have no insight as to what is going on or if LAAS' is targeting problem areas as I suggested.

I was going to send a scathing email to Ed Boks about his response to his comments by an anonymous complainant regarding a rescue seminar, but I realize he only hears himself.

I will not communicate with him unless he outlines a positive process for achieving concise and consistent communications that will have results. After I voiced my willingness to help, I thought he was intent on doing the right thing for the animals. I now realize that he is only interested in Ed Boks, not the animals and people who work for him that can do the most about stopping the killing of unwanted animals.

Ed, I will always be totally committed to stopping the killing of animals in animal shelters. I have done my best to offer assistance to LAAS, but unless the attitude, which we have all noted as being the problem, changes nothing will change. The staff seems ready to make the change, but Boks management style is now clearly in the way.


Well, I can understand Boks fear management style.
It is not just paranoia, EVERYONE really is out to get him.


Anonymous said...

I've got to say..You all give one man an awful lot of power. LAAS is a big system. While Ed Boks is GM, he is not fully responsible for the failures of LAAS and he is fully responsible for the success.

No one wants to see animals killed.

I wish the energy put into these discussions was used to actually do something to create change within the system.

So you want Ed fired. Then what? What if the shelter system under the next person has even more euthanasia? What then? Keep firing people?

Let's work with what we have. Ed isn't perfect, but neither are you, neither am I.

Ed Muzika said...


I said you can make your own post anytime you want.

You just don't know what you are talking about.

You are a newby and you keep demonstrating you haven't done your homework before walking into this job.

So you walk in and say too much energy is spent on discusssion, fact finding, criticism? What about when Boks lies, are we supposed to praise him?

When he break promises, misses goals, turns on friends and employees whenever it suits him, we are supposed to support him?

First look closely at the man who hired you and ask employee about him.

One rescuer suggested you were brought in because Boks owned you. You moved here, have no practice, no job in Phoenix, you are in (may have settled) a lawsuit for $350,000, and you have absolutely no family or financial support here in LA, so you depend on his good will %100. He can can you in a heartbeat.

You will see. Open your eyes. Can 160 employees who signed the petition be wrong?

Anonymous said...

Did you really mean, or is it a typo, that Boks is 100% responsible for success and less than 100% responsible for failure?

These discussions are doing something to create change within the system. You want us all just to shut up?

I imagine George Bush is saying something like this now. I am not responsible; nothing can be gained by discussing my actions or the economy; shut up and pay for the bailout.

What if the next GM has much less euthanasia, not more? There are two sides to speculation. This is what we are hoping for.