Huge LA Weekly Article on Mayor Tony

Not a fluff piece.


Anonymous said...

Great article. The writer really knows our Mayor. Antonio spends all his time campaigning, going to parties, eating foie gras, drinking expensive wine, talking to wealthy people. He doesn't do anything for the city.

Anonymous said...

Great quote on Mayor Sam today about our Mayor.

"If you want some really funny reading, check out the latest edition of Hispanic Business Magazine which paints a very dishonest picture of an LA whose economy is "blooming like a desert rose" all thanks to our Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. The most delicious tidbit is Villaraigosa offering this sage advice to young Latinos who want to be successful "People ask me how I broke through the barriers to become mayor, and I tell them it happened because I can read and write." "

He became Mayor because he can read and write? That's pretty sad. Of course we all know it's not because he did well in school or anything like that. He became Mayor because he's Mexican and Mexicans make up over 50% of the population of LA. He got the white folks to vote for him because he promised them favors. He got the blacks to vote for him because he promised them favors. Hell, he got the animal people to vote for him because he promised them favors too, then didn't deliver.