Please Help Ed Boks Find a Job

Ed's looking for a job.

I am surprised he hasn't found one since I know he has been looking since June of last year. The job opportunities for an ex-shelter director for three major cities is limited in his case to consulting or head of some animal related foundation.

Ed really should get out of the animal management business and into PR or politics.

Here is the link to his resume and request for work:


Ed Boks’s Summary

Ed is looking for a position that will allow him to exercise the vast array of executive level skills and talents accumulated over an extensive, successful career.

Ed Boks’s Specialties:

Visioning; Strategic Planning; Public Relations; Communication (Oral and Written); Team Building and Recruitment; Turn Around, Performance, and Transparent Management; National Speaker/Consultant; Contract Negotiation; Teacher/Trainer; Curriculum Development; Lobbyist; Multi-Million Dollar Capital Project Management; adept at Microsoft and other PC based programs and various internet functions such as Blogging, YouTube, etc.

Ed Boks’s Experience

  • General Manager

    LA Animal Services

    (Government Administration industry)

    January 2006 — Present (3 years 5 months)

    Recruited by Mayor of Los Angeles, Antonio Villaraigosa, to implement animal care and control policies and programs aligned to City goals and objectives.
    • Highest volume pet adoption program in the nation;
    • Lowest pet euthanasia rates in Department’s recorded history. 

    • Opened and staffed six LEED Certified state-of-the-art animal care centers; 

    • Led Department through its first Strategic Planning process; 

    • Updated and standardized all policies and procedures; 

    • Recruited and managed exceptional medical and executive staff;
    • Recruited and managed record number volunteer organizations and individuals to spearhead Spay/Neuter PR campaign, A House is Not a Home Without a Pet voucher program, and other life saving programs;
    • Helped establish Animal Cruelty Task Force;

    • Built coalition of over 140 Los Angeles based animal welfare organizations;

    • Instrumental in development of two animal welfare television programs; 
    • Managed $22 million budget, seven 24/7 animal care centers, 450 employees.

  • Executive Director

    Animal Care & Control of New York City

    (Government Administration industry)

    July 2003 — January 2006 (2 years 7 months)

    Recruited by Mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, to implement animal care and control policies and programs aligned to City goals and objectives.

    • Highest volume pet adoption agency in the United States at this time; 
    • Lowest pet euthanasia rate in Department’s recorded history; 

    • Built a coalition of over 160 northeastern based animal welfare organizations; 

    • Instrumental in obtaining $15 million in grants; 

    Led Department through its first Strategic Planning process; 

    • Enrolled community support to effect fund raising and marketing strategies;
    • Managed $8 million budget, three 24/7 animal care centers, 150 employees.
    • Lifetime Achievement Award presented by the Friends of Animal Care & Control in New York City for a career of extraordinary life saving work; 
    • Alley Cat Allies National Award for Excellence for transforming the way communities care for feral cats.

    Notice the remarkable similarity of what he did at each city? He just changed the names of the city to the same list of accomplishments.


Anonymous said...

What a blowhard!

He lists his speciality as "blogging" and youtube. He never made a youtube video. Maybe he meant he was the "star" of a youtube video? like this one? Ed Boks the star of YouTube!

Anonymous said...

What a GREAT friggin' video!!
Thanks to whoever made it and to whoever posted the link here.

Boks = Career Death said...

My two favorite Boks achievements:

"Highest volume pet adoption program in the nation"

Didn't that claim already get debunked just hours after he stood Antonio Villaraigosa in front of City Hall to give a press conference touting that lie? When even an evil slimeball like Marcia Mayeda can call BS on your bogus claim it's pretty much time to take it off your resume.


"Built coalition of over 140 Los Angeles based animal welfare organizations"

Well now, that IS true. I'd say even more than 140 organizations with disparate goals and guiding philosophies were brought together; united in their desire to see Ed Boks fired. Now THAT'S coalition-building.

Unfortunately for Ed, I'm guessing that, unlike Antonio Villaraogosa and Jim Bickhart, LinkedIn users also know how to use Google.

I think he'd better "find God" again and go back to preaching. Sure, fundamentalist and evangelical chicks don't have implants the size of their heads, but I'm sure a devoted hound like Boks can find someone to harass.

Anonymous said...

Boks' resume is full of bull. Once a liar, always a liar. Who the hell would ever hire him? The only thing he's good at is getting his bosses sued. This man was willing to let animals die of disease just to make his euth rate look better. That's sick, sick, sick!

Another thing, if Boks is looking for a job now, why did he resign? It's not like he's sick or wants to retire. He obviously needs the money as he's upside down in his condo and lives hand to mouth. Booze ain't free. Obviously he didn't resign. He was FIRED! I don't know why Boks gave him that dignity. He sure didn't deserve it. If the Mayor knew all the nasty shit Boks said about him, he might have just fired him.

Anonymous said...

Who does Ed lists as his references?

Anonymous said...

Boks has no real references. Gary has attacked all these people so now they hate him. Karma, finally. Gary Michelson hates him. The Mayor hates him. His employees hate him. PetsMart Charities hates him. Councilmembers hate him. Volunteers, rescuers, the public ... hate him. Is there anyone Boks did not attack? He needs to move to another City like he did the last two times he effed up. Dump the condo, run away from the problems you created like you always do.

Anonymous said...

I meant "Boks" has attacked all these people so now they hate him. Boks attacked Gary Michelson, the Mayor, Blackman, rescuers, volunteers, employees, PetsMart Charities...did I miss anyone? Boks attacked everyone. This is why he keeps hanging to change states.

Anonymous said...

"He just changed the names of the city to the same list of accomplishments."

Well, at least he's consistent.

Brad Jensen
Cypress, CA

Anonymous said...

Ha ha...Boks said "Oral"

Anonymous said...

Ha ha...Boks said "Oral"

Ummm... okay Beavis! One of Boks' other specialties appears to be Multi-Million Dollar Capital Project Management. I'm guessing the proof in that is opening day at the new Harbor shelter. Ah but of course, the heat that day was just another one of those pesky anomalies.

Brad Jensen

Anonymous said...

Oh and he managed 450 employees? Managed to piss a lot of them off is what I remember.

Brad Jensen

LAAS Employee = Disease said...

Purr-fect Picture of Violence:

"This man was willing to let animals die of disease just to make his euth rate look better. That's sick, sick, sick!"

So much for "ADL"!

Anonymous said...

I need my car washed. Any suggestions?

Jeff de la Rosa said...

Here's a tidbit. This is an email I send to Boks after he had my home "raided" for possible "illegal dogs."

There's a job suggestion for him in there...somewhere...

From: Jeffrey de la Rosa <>
Date: Dec 10, 2006 1:53 AM
To: Ed Boks
Cc: Nancy Moriarty

Dear Mr. Sincerity,

A self-proclaimed wise man [Boks] once said:

"The truth is, the animals need us to help them, and they need us to work together. Here's a challenge: think of a person who makes your blood boil, and vow to make peace with them in 2007. Put the past behind you. Whatever he/she did 23 years ago, isn't it time to bury the hatchet? If we can't all have personal relationships, can we at least have professional ones? We are fools if we think we can save lives in a vacuum. We are our own worst enemies in this regard. The good news is, this is a problem we can solve right now. Today. We're trying to promote compassion. How about a little compassion for each other?

BE POSITIVE! Negative energy has never helped anyone. It certainly hasn't helped the animals. And yet it is like a disease within us, and a contagious one at that! If we are ever going to save the animals from needless death and suffering, we must first save ourselves from ourselves. The next time you find yourself launching into a rant about this or that, stop yourself! Ask yourself a question: Is this tirade going to help the animals? Then ask yourself a follow-up question: What can I do to help change whatever it is that is making me so angry? Take the negative energy and turn it into positive action!"

Are you a stickler for the not implementing resolutions until they are on the calendar? Or are you just full of _______

(your choice might consider "yourself" to fill in the blank) like we all know?

Time to start asking yourself questions? I have one for you. What are the impound numbers of Ace and Yolanda and why are they not listed on your web site with the other 700 dogs? Here's another one. Why am I in a hotel tonight when I own a home in the City of Los Angeles? Or how about this one, how trivial is the dog food Fireman story going to seem once the City Council approves MY settlement. Start packing , Ed. I hear they need a used car salesman in Van Nuys.

What are the impound numbers, the public would like to know. Craigslist would like to know...better get Mary busy.