Who Are The Bad Employees?

Both Boks and Bickhart used to blame bad employees for the failure of the department to come anywhere near no kill. Both said they were lazy. Others say they just ignore their "superiors" in the chain of command.

How many of you would be willing to out any bad employees for acts or lack of actions that hurt animals or hinder them getting adopted? Can we clean up LAAS and County?

The people we would need most to make this work is past or current employees.

Leave comments.

Here is how it would work.

I would create an anonymous email and blogger account and anyone could send me an email from that anonymous account, or could make a post about a bad employee.

We will just start building a dossier on each.

There appears to be FAR fewer complaints of animal abuse or neglect by the City shelters versus County. Is this the case?

In any event, a new City Attorney will be taking office in a month, who is a real animal lover. Trutanich has rescued both a dogs and a cat off the street who still live with him.  He has vowed to end animal abuse and cruelty in Los Angeles. I know he just covers the City, but he and the DA promise to found a closer alliance than in the past.

Do you want to do this thing?


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Mr. Muzika,

Generally LAAS has a conscientious, dedicated workforce. That is not to say that there is no room for improvement. Virtually all of the technicians, officers, RVT's, clerks, and administrators are Civil Service employees. Discipline and constructive criticism/improvement is achieved by "Progressive Discipline"--a slow and tedious formal process. You can't decide to fire an employee immediately just like that. Maybe in the private sector, but not in government.

Don't you think that Supervisors know who the the goof-offs and laggards are? We appreciate your offer of assistance, but quality control of LAAS employees really won't be achieved with your help. The way to weed out bad apples is to work the system and be diligent in writing up those workers who stand out like a sore thumb to their co-workers and supervisors.

You can point out deficient workers on your blog, but it probably is wasted effort. We know who the offenders are and we are constantly attempting to maintain an excellent workforce.

If an employee commits an act so egregious that it comes to your attention, chances are somebody in the system already is dealing with it. Also, most people tend to shoot themselves in the foot with their own gun.

An LAAS Worker

Anonymous said...

Get rid of Russ Core, then maybe we can get rid of bad employees.

An LAAS Worker said...

Yes ED. Great Idea..Let all of the employees who have been fired, or resigned, or are currently under disciplinary action all come to your blog and write about their experiences. Is that what you are after? Similiar to what the ADL pulled a few years back and honored a piece of shit worker, (who was under disciplinary action for abandoning his duties every night) As a HERO. Way to go ED Ruin the moral a little bit more. More Injuries, More employees out sick, or just not caring because they never get praised for all of their hard work, just lumped together as pieces of shit.

Ed Muzika said...

I understand progressive discipline really does not work at LAAS, does it? Outing might.

Why is moral bad? Do you think remaining quiet helps?

Any other suggestions other than leave it up to supervisors which apparently led to poor moral?

Why not also report good employees?

How about photos of poor conditions?


Non one denies County is a snake pit.


Anonymous said...

Russ Core knew all about Boks and all the shit he did, and he never did anything about it. I sometimes think his job is to cover up for employees so he doesn't have to write anyone u p, do his job, make it seem like he has the employees in line.

LAAS employees = Disease said...

Holey Moley! Whoah!

LAAS employees write on this blog? Whoaaaah! Is that a supervisor on the second comment? Whoah! I have a whooooole bunch I can complain about! Bunch of cry-baby, lazy, people-hating animal abusers! Some of these people don't belong working for a city. They belong in the street picking up trash. They don't belong anywhere near animals at all. I know more decent trash collectors than a lot of these lazy, heartless idiots who take their anger out on the animals. You hear of cops doing this to people, but some of the workers are there to earn a good buck at the tax-payer's expense and ignore kindness and decency toward people and animals both.

We need more trash pickers. Maybe these guys can go off to Korea or Afghanistan instead of working with animals who depend on people for kindness and love, rather than hatred and abuse. Bunch of diseased sickos.

Anonymous said...


Why would you publish such ignorant hateful comments by this LAAS Employees=Disease person? I thought you were a moderator.

People who spew negativity without any visible logical direction are not the kind of people who can effect change in this society. Wonder whether this person is one of those violent-tactic ADL punks that gives animal activism a bad name.

One of the *Diseased*

Aunt Martha said...

Anonymous seeks a moderator for violence on simple comment.

ADL violent? Wrong.

Apathetic lazy people taking the taxpayers money.

Anonymous shelter lover wants to affect change in society. Maybe shelter lover can stop taking taxpayer money, do adoptions and go into heart surgery.

Adopt a New Heart; Brave New World.

Easy as Aunt Martha's Apple Pie. Where's the violence in that?

Tired of Incompetents at your Local Animal "CARE" Center said...

Conscientiously responding to the blogger's request to OUT incompetents:

"How many of you would be willing to out any bad employees for acts or lack of actions that hurt animals or hinder them getting adopted?"

Working from top down in terms of incompetence, laziness, lousy attitude and abusive treatment of animals:

Val Angeles---Lieutenant--- can join Boks in resigning for gross igorance and incompetence. Lousy attitude and knows NOTHING about animals. He was hired because he's a lame duck.

ACT animal abusers follow:

Geneveve--slams doors on tame and frightened domestic cats when you point out food and water bowl are bone bone dry.

This Animal "CARE" technician will smart-mouth you first before she opens the kennel door as wide as possible, then painfully takes her time getting food and water for the cat, and finshes her grand slam by taking her anger out on the cat, forceably slamming a wide open kennel door on the cat. She makes sure you are looking at her as she slams the door so that you are sure never to request food or water for the cats again.

As far as this "care" technician is concerned, filling the bowls a third of the way for the day and finishing off each kennel with a Grand Slam is the way to treat shelter animals. She takes "action" but it's violent forceful action directed against innocent animals.

Another hellish incompetent: Lazy and incompetent far beyond description.

Needs to be replaced. Doesn't deserve title of Animal Care Technician. Would do better in kindergarden staring at a fly on the cieling instead of making thousands of $$$$ off our tax-payer money each year, sitting around swivilling around in her chair picking her nose.

Lazy, apathetic, incompetent with a lousy attitude would rather swivel round and round in her chair at the computer staring at a fly on the cieling than help a sweet four-week old kitten with a flaming fever and covered in mange who is unable to breathe because he's got thick green mucous saturating his sweet little eyes and nose.

Rather than do anything about the kitten's burning little body which burned your hands when you held him, Sarah comfortably sat in her chair with the usual bored look on her face while the kitten was allowed to die alone.

Val Angeles, Geneveve, and Sarah can join their general manager in looking for a job as far AWAY from LIVE Animals as possible.

If they want a job, there is plenty of work in Hell.

Ed Muzika said...

Aunt Martha,

Which shelters do they work in? Do you know last names?

Ed Muzika said...

Aunt Martha,

Which shelters do they work in? Do you know last names?

Aunt Martha said...

Your friendly local West Valley Animal "CARE" Center has some of the worst offenders of all.

You point out that non-action causes harm to animals. Right you are.

Apathy is the worst sin of hell.

You don't need a last names when you burn in hell. Bugs have more innocence and humility than this scum of the earth.

Aside from Angeles, I don't know and don't want to know their last names.

Ed Muzika said...

Yes Aunt Martha, I'd like to know their last names and have an investigation after a complaint.

I might stop by myself.

Ed Muzika said...

Yes Aunt Martha, I'd like to know their last names and have an investigation after a complaint.

Aunt Martha said...

I have no idea what their last names are. I have never asked. There should be some track record by now with other employees because the lame ducks are still "working" there, giving a duck a bad name.

If you stop by, you may be able to get last names if someone there knows you well enough and they like you.

Complaints to supervisors don't get anywhere, but maybe that's the idea.

Maybe the purpose of hiring lame duck lieutenants, along with bored and ignorant ACT's keeps the shelters overcrowded and the euth stats low.

Low euth stats means more money for the higher ups. More lies equals more money and more prestige.

If you don't do anything for the animals and let them die on their own that is a big "A" and a pat on the back; while if you mistreat the sweet, healthy, and "unwanted" ones who have yet to be claimed by their owner, that makes them into dirty rotten crimminals because they have no place to go except to huddle to the back of a corner of the cage while the abuser keeps them under her control with little to no food or water on her shift and loud scary noises coming from their own cages when she slams them shut. Makes the little person dressed in her brief authority into a tough guy. Yea, she's in Animal Control!

Complaints to supervisors don't help. Lame ducks are still there. Supervisors can identify people on a first name basis and they know exactly who they're dealing with.

Why gremlins are allowed to go near animals and still call it a care center escapes me.

Anonymous said...

Pretty sad. Your dream came true; Boks resigned, and all you've got is a couple haters and psychotic Auntie M.

Do you think you will be able to get anyone fired with the stupid rantings posted here, civil service, remember.
What are you going to investigate? Who are you going to complain to?

Anonymous said...

"We" don't have talk to anyone. "We" can investigate the allegations. "We" can go after those employees directly, just as we did with Stuckey and Greenwalt and several others. There is no need to bring in a third party who admits they can't do anything.

Hey, are you one of them?

Aunt Martha said...


"Do you think you will be able to get anyone fired with the stupid rantings posted here, civil service, remember. "

Civil service? You think these actions are civil? They certainly don't serve anyone.

Animal care centers are supposed to be there to treat people and animals in a civilized manner. They are there to serve animals not to treat them abusively while "civil service" emplyoees are alone with the animals and when they think no one else is looking.

If you call reacting to the abuse of animals psychotic, you've been desensitized. If you think that is ok, you must be one of the abusers, or controllers, take your pick.

Jeff de la Rosa said...

I'd like someone to OUT the jerk who stole Mary O'Connor's teacup Yorkie from the North Central Shelter on or about January 8, 2009. There were only 6 employees in the ACT area working. Somebody knows who took that dog...I will find you.

Anonymous said...

Captain Pintejo- Harbor

Harrassed a New Hope female rescuer for complaining about the senseless killing of a litter of Pit Bull puppies. Then, she was cited for everything imaginable. Officers who refused to harass her were transferred. Pintejo , who is married,constantly proposed intimate relations with this rescuer. End result of her refusal and outspokenness? Her rescue card and privileges have been revoked.

Anonymous said...

Commenter #21:

I think you mispelled the captain's last name.

I believe the correct spelling for a captain who retaliates against a rescuer for not going to bed with him is 'Captain Pendejo'.

If you will excuse me, Angeles is another Pendejo without his wings.