Villaraigosa Announces LA is "The lowest No-Kill" at Genesis

Villaraigosa said LAAS had the lowest kill in America:

No wonder Villaraigosa is being considered for VP by Hillary. They are equally adept at dodging sniper fire in Bosnia.


Anonymous said...

Either Boks is feeding the Mayor lies or the Mayor is as big a liar as Boks. They're both just politicians, willing to say whatever they think the person in front of them wants to hear.

Did you catch the part before the big lie? He said paraphrased "Genesis is about recognizing and rewarding people who help animals. Oh, and by the way, we have the lowest low kill rate in the US of A. Please, praise and reward me now."

Ed Muzika said...

Villaragosa knows Boks' numbers stink--or so I am told, but he still gives Boks awards for faking it. Ergo, he is a liar.

I hope he does become VP; then he is gone.

Anonymous said...

The only fitting fate for Antonio Villaraigosa is to descend into much-deserved obscurity, along with his useless minions Boks, Blackman and Bickhart.

Please don't wish him on the country as V.P., we're just possibly seeing the light at the end of the dark, godforsaken tunnel that is the current V.P.